Bida Juana Chin Echavarre Takes Us To Agusan Del Norte!

27 September 2020

Join Chin Echavarre, Bida Juana finalist from Lumina Mindanao, as she takes us on an adventure in the province of Agusan Del Norte and Lumina Butuan!


All of the communities of Agusan del Norte are renowned for their gorgeous beaches, including the cities of Cabadbaran, Nasipit, Buenavista, and Carmen. Hilong Hilong in Cabadbaran, Agusan del Norte, is one of the region's highest mountains. 


The City of Butuan is the capital of this province that offers a lot of tourist attractions that you must not miss to visit.


Alicia's Ridge

Located at 8601 Buenavista Agusan del Norte is the Alicia Ridge Eco Park. It is a great place for nature lovers who would like to escape the stressful and busy life in the city. Alicia Ridge Eco Park is a lovely location that offers a variety of activities, including horseback riding, camping, a place for picnics, and taking selfies or groufies. This resort offers a wide range of mountain views perfect for a multi-perspective view of photography shots—perfect for pre-nuptial events photo shoots.


Alicia's Ridge has the best view on sunny days. It is also a perfect place to wake up and have a cup of brewed coffee for breakfast during the colder season, as you can experience and witness the mists lying in the valleys below.


You can experience the wonderful adventures and memories in Alicia's Ridge Eco Park for only Php 30 entrance fee for adults and Php 20 entrance fee for kids. You can also hire a hut and go camping here for Php 50. As for snacks, they have various stores here that sell local delicacies to satisfy your appetite.


Bood Promontory & Eco Park

There are two historical significances to the Bood Promontory & Eco Park found in Barangay Pinamanculan. 


The Bood was a quiet witness to Butuan's rich gold industry from the 10th through the 13th century, when the city was most prosperous. Also, on March 31, 1521, it is believed the cross was placed here after the first mass conducted by Ferdinand Magellan. 

According to the residents of Purok-Bood in Pinamancolan Butuan City, Ferdinand Magellan and his crew arrived at "Mazaua," also known as Masao in the Butuanon dialect, on March 31, 1521. As soon as they arrived, they held a mass known as the "first mass," which the people of Masao commemorated annually on Easter Sunday as a way to express their gratitude for the introduction of Christianity.

Butuan's significance is underscored by the fact that it was the first Christian mission founded in Mindanao. The Jesuits initially looked after it and then by the Augustinian Recollects once they came into the area.


In addition to being a historic site, the Bood Promontory in Butuan City may also be one of the city's most attractive tourist attractions because of its abundance of trees. Relaxing in Bood is the finest way to unwind. A clonal nursery and a tree park are dominated by the indigenous "Hadyate Tree," which still thrives in the region. With these Hadyate Tress remaining in place, they consistently allow the Bood Promontory & Eco-Park visitors to enjoy a stunning vista of nature. And the best thing about it is you can enjoy its beauty for free!


Lumina Butuan

Were you aiming to have your home far from the city but near the sea? Lumina Homes has a great community to offer you through its affordable house and lot for sale in Lumina Butuan.


Lumina Butuan is a 10-hectare housing complex with small gardens and playground, basketball court, community hall, and a secured gate plus a perimeter fence. This thriving community in Agusan del Norte can be found in Brgy. Taguibo, Butuan City, Agusan del Norte. You can have a lifetime experience of a city that continues to develop as a highly progressively area while preserving its local culture and tradition, hence the name "Home of the Balangays." 

Lumina Butuan presently offers a wide selection of house and lot units ranging from Php 500,000 to Php 1.7 million. Some of their value-priced yet durable and quality home units are the Angeli Single Firewall, Anna Rowhouse, house and lot for sale worth 500k with their Aimee Rowhouse, townhouse for sale Philippines such as their Angeli Townhouse, and the Angeli Duplex.


But you can avail these best house and lots deals at a much affordable price by having flexible payment schemes like the Pag-IBIG Housing Loans, Bank Financing, or In-House Financing.

If you are a long-time employee, one of the best payment schemes that you can pick is the Pag-IBIG Housing Loans.


Aside from their more lenient requirement and lesser miscellaneous fees, Pag-IBIG Housing Loan also offers a special program for the minimum wage or the low-income earners. Through this, even the employees who are not earning that much can still realize their dream to have their own house and lot.


For homebuyers who are eyeing to apply for a pag ibig housing loan for their home investment, you can prepare the following requirements:


For standard documents

  • Photocopy of marriage certificate (if married)
  • Birth certificate (if single) plus cenomar (if you are a single parent)
  • Two (2) pcs. of 2x2 ID picture
  • Proof of billing address or a barangay certificate
  • TIN ID
  • Two (2) valid IDs


Based on your current employment status, there are a variety of other documents you should include in your application, such as:


  • Original Certificate of Employment and Compensation (Consularized/Notarized)
  • Photocopy of Contract
  • Photocopy of Passport with Entries
  • Photocopy of Seaman's Book (for OFWs that are sea-based)
  • Proof of Remittances for the last six months
  • Payslip for the last three months
  • Consularized / notarized Special Power of Attorney (SPA) from the housing developer's admin


For Self-Employed

  • Photocopy of Business Registration from DTI/SEC
  • Mayor's Permit
  • ITR for the last 2 Years
  • Original audited financial statements for the last 2 Years
  • Franchise/OR/CR (for Taxi, Jeepneys/ Bus Operators)
  • PTR (for Practicing Professionals)
  • Picture of Business Establishment


For Locally Employed

  • Photocopy of Income Tax Return and W-2 (latest)
  • Original and notarized Certificate of Employment and Compensation
  • Payslip for the last three months


In the event that the processing officer asks for certain papers, be sure to bring these documents with you, too: Additional Requirement by Loan Purpose, the Certified True Copy of Title, and the Vicinity Map of the Property.


Pag-IBIG Fund also offers a longer fixing period of 30 years, so make sure to grab this opportunity and start home investing today.


For more information on Lumina Homes, contact (0917) 629 6523.
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