#ALumMoBa: Basketball Court of Lumina Homes

2 June 2020

Watch a short video on the origin of basketball courts and other interesting facts about it. You will also see a preview of our signature basketball courts!


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be a priority for everyone. Living a healthy lifestyle and having the proper nutrition can help our body stave against chronic diseases and other long-term health issues. A positive self-perception and excellent health are also critical for building self-esteem and a positive self-image. This is why individuals need to do what's proper for their bodies to maintain a healthy way of life.


To maintain a healthy life, you need to pay attention to what your body needs and always take care of it religiously. You can keep a healthy lifestyle through:


1. Daily consumption of sufficient food

Not eating enough instructs your body to preserve calories and energy, so the next time you eat, more of the energy will be kept rather than effectively utilizing it in your body. So make sure to consume just enough amount of food every day.


2. Keep yourself hydrated

You get weary due to dehydration. Both caffeine and alcohol dehydrate the body significantly. This is the reason why you need to avoid overindulging in caffeinated or alcoholic beverages and replace them with water or other non-alcoholic alternatives.


3. Have enough sleep

Do you have usually have extended hours of sleep every night? Do you know that sleep deprivation can increase your appetite, result in weight gain, and impair cognitive performance? So make sure always to have enough hours of sleep each night to help improve your vitality, weight maintenance, and mental clarity.


4. Exercise regularly

At the very least, try to get in 30 minutes of physical activity three times a week. This can be broken up into 10-minute walks. In contrast to coffee, the benefits of short physical exertion remain much longer, and physical activity reduces stress rather than increases it! If you can find a physical activity you like, it will be easier to stick to a regular exercise routine and keep you healthy for the rest of your life. To put it another way, challenge yourself by doing something new or something that has always piqued your interest.


Although living a healthy lifestyle requires much effort, planning, and dedication, the rewards of it, on the other hand, are worth it.

As every Juan goes crazy about having a healthy lifestyle, it is vital that the community you live in promotes this environment. Choose a house and lot property that values a healthy lifestyle, so you don't have to travel from time to time to make sure to keep yourself active.

Lumina Homes is one of the best deals when it comes to this kind of community. It offers affordable house and lot for sale but with complete amenities, and one of them is a basketball court.


Homeowners can quickly de-stress from the pressure of working and doing their business more conveniently, not to mention easy access, through a basketball court installed in their subdivision.


They can even comfortably meet new friends and socialize with their Kabarangays while enjoying an active lifestyle. The fantastic thing about Lumina Homes' basketball court? It is a covered court, so you can still have fun playing your favorite sports and do your daily grind even during inclement weather or the rainy season.


If you are looking for the cheapest house and lot for sale in the Philippines, Lumina Homes has one of its flagship communities in Cavite through Lumina Tanza.


This affordable house and lot for sale in Cavite can be found in Brgy. Bagtas, Tanza Cavite. The Next Vista City of the South, where Lumina Tanza is situated, is a 500-hectare master-planned town around 30 to 45 minutes from Manila's Pasay district. Lumina Tanza was introduced to the public in September of last year. Since its launch to the real estate market, the first seven stages of Lumina Tanza are already sold out. This made Lumina Tanza one of Lumina's best-selling projects due to its excellent location, which places it at the top of the company's national reserve sales rankings.


Right now, Lumina Tanza is offering five affordable house and lot for sale in Cavite. You can choose from this selection of home sale model units that will surely fit your lifestyle and your family's needs.


Adriana Townhouse

This townhouse for sale Philippines is just 36 square meters in size and was created by Lumina Tanza. It is a two-storey house and lot for sale in Cavite. A garage and a provision for two bedrooms are included in this rent to own house. Aside from the main living space and dining area, there's also a kitchen, and a service area in this type of home sale model unit.


Armina Duplex

When it comes to design, this Armina Duplex Model, which is 42 square meters in size and sits on a 54-square-meter lot, is perfect for individuals or couples who are looking for a bigger rent to own house. There is one bathroom with a toilet and a shower, as well as a garage. It also has a living room, a dining area, and a kitchen. Along with them, there are three bedrooms and free and tiles on the ground floor with this house and lot model.


Athena Duplex

The Athena Duplex is an affordable house and lot for sale in Cavite that has two floors with a total area of 53 square meters on a 63 square meters lot. Additionally, there are separate areas for living room, dining room, and kitchen area, including three bedrooms, a family room, a bathroom with a toilet, and a garage.


Armina Single Firewall

Lumina Tanza's 42-square-meter single-firewall house and lot for sale in Cavite has two floors and sits on an average 54-square-meter property. Aside from the living room, dining room, and kitchen in this house, there are also three bedrooms, one bathroom and toilet, one garage, and a service area. There are also free ceiling and ground floor tiles included in this home sale model unit.


Athena Single Firewall

The Athena Single Firewall is a 53 square meter two-story single firewall apartment on a standard 63 square meter lot cut. One living room, one dining room, one kitchen, and one toilet and bath are included in this affordable house and lot for sale in Cavite. There are three bedrooms, a family room and an area for services, as well as a parking space.


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