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Adriana Townhouse

Adriana Townhouse, Your Personalized Approach to Modern Living

Living in a townhouse offers a host of benefits that are hard to ignore, regardless of whether you are looking for your first single-family home or thinking about moving into a smaller one.


There is no better option than our very own Adriana Townhouse if you are looking for reliable townhouse builders that Filipinos have become used to trusting.


We are aware that the requirements of each individual are distinctive, as well as the need of maintaining a high level of genuine flexibility throughout the design and construction process, particularly when you both want the peacefulness of the suburban areas and the convenience of major cities in the Philippines.



A 2 Bedroom Townhouse with an Aesthetic Look

Many become interested to find properties for sale or find properties for rent in the Philippines because the continuous infrastructure being built in the area is a promising opportunity to earn a living. That's why in response, Adriana Townhouse offers the finest homeownership experience for those who want to ditch their monthly rent in apartments and in search of a sale townhouse at a reasonable cost.


With this house type being one of our bestsellers, the townhouses' features like having steel frames for the long-span roof, steel encasement for the window, and the use of steel doors were applied.


This 44 square meter floor area is in a 36 square meter lot so you have more space for 2 bedroom provision on the second level. Meanwhile on the ground floor, along with the living and dining areas, you also have the kitchen, toilet, and bath. Despite a smaller lot area because of an attached house next door, you can make use of the space in front as a porch. You also have an area for a carport and a service area. 


All walls are painted with a white skim finish, and your toilet and bath have a PVC door to withstand daily use. In the spirit of safety, cleanliness, and flexibility, your kitchen counters are made of concrete slabs, and you also have the flexibility to style your no-door cabinets.


In most parts of the country, our Adriana Townhouse is in bare-type finish upon turnover except for our Tanza site.


With our aim to level up our townhome units into suitable houses for this contemporary world, we added some great features to your beloved Adriana Townhouses as we installed front, side, and rear fences. Furthermore, we added side grassing as well as rear and front concreting to achieve a more aesthetic look for your brand-new Tanza home!



Seize Convenience and Spacious Sale Townhouse Living

Searching for properties can be a challenge especially if you're in the search of condo-like conveniences in reasonable townhouse sites without prior experience in scouting for other properties. But with Adriana Townhouse, you can discover a home that has the convenience of condos but is more spacious and with no monthly apartment rent.


Generally built in strategic locations, new developments of commercial establishments in the area of these listings are already available. No need to travel far away to big cities to attend to your daily needs, as these suburbs townhouse is just a few blocks away from the town center or city center of the province.


Would you like to switch your attention to amenities closer to home? Then enjoy the real estate feature note from Adriana Townhouse. You can celebrate parties and events in the multi-purpose hall, and you and your kids can enjoy playtime in the playground. Or if you prefer minimal contact with others, you can also have that relaxing walk in the mini-gardens.



Shift into a Contemporary Lifestyle Haven with Adriana Townhouse

The contemporary lifestyle offered by Adriana Townhouse is all about comfort and ease. Your townhouse may have contemporary utility while still making the most of all of the available space as it is designed in a way that is both creative and efficient.


You have the flexibility to unwind or host guests in the living areas located downstairs while the areas located upstairs can be kept peaceful and private.


It will be a challenge to find other properties for sale than what our Adriana Townhouse has, so go ahead if you have questions, suggestions, or comments kindly let us know. You can check out our Adriana Townhouse model units from the following sites mentioned below. 



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Price Range

Php 1,763,000 - Php 2,750,000

House Model Specifications

house type

House Type : Two-storey, Townhouse


Bedroom : 2

toilet and bath

Toilet and Bath : 1


Carport : 1

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