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Athena Single Firewall

Live Your Dream Life with Athena Single Firewall Home

Build your dream home at a reasonable price with our premium home Athena Single Firewall. You may find life in the metro overwhelming if you prefer a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle, especially, in the suburban areas and provinces. The great thing about living in this beautiful location is that you won't have to spend hours traveling to and from the high-rise areas like Makati City or somewhere else in the city.


Therefore, if you are looking for a beautiful house and lot in this location at an affordable price, we got the right choice for you and your family! Once decided to say goodbye to all the hassles and noise pollution of the metro, make sure to check out properties like our Athena Single Firewall Model.



A 3 BR Single Firewall Unit with Impeccable Design

Presenting our Athena Single Firewall, a 3-bedroom property with a living area, a dining and kitchen area, 1 toilet bath, a family area, a garage, and a spacious service area for additional features. It is an affordable two-story single-firewall house that sits on a 63-square-meter lot and is a 53-square-meter home.


You get value for your money with the house's specifications thanks to its impeccable design that meets your family's safety needs. The main entrance and service area doors are both constructed of steel, and all windows are encased in steel. We have installed ceramic tiles on the unit's ground floor, while the second floor has a plain cement finish. The interior walls of the unit will have skim-coated finishes, while the exterior walls will have skim-coated painted finishes.


Also, we have installed a PVC door for your toilet area and a flushing system. There is a long-span steel frame roof for the unit's roofing and a painted fiber cement board free ceiling. Concrete slabs with tiles are used for the kitchen counter, but cabinet doors are not included.


Athena Single Firewall is a semi-furnished home upon turnover. Also, with its reinforced concrete construction system, you and your family will get the peace of mind that your brand-new home is made with quality and durable materials, making it last the test of time.



A Single Firewall House that Offers Spacious and Safe Living

We are committed to building communities that aim to provide security and satisfaction. Because of this, our Athena Single Firewall house was constructed in a neighborhood that has a gated entrance and you can enjoy amenities like quaint mini gardens, a multi-purpose hall, and secured playgrounds. Therefore, if you're wanting to have a spacious single firewall home at a reasonable cost, find properties like our Athena Single Firewall unit. This is perfect for your family's living space upgrade at an affordable price point and flexible payment terms.


In today's market, choosing a house with a reasonable price tag is no longer adequate. Yet, it is also very important to think about the well-being of your family as well as the security of your property.


Aspiring homeowners who are interested in living in a contemporary home but only want to buy a house with a single wall of fire protection have a great option available to them in the form of a single-firewall house. It provides a multitude of benefits at an affordable price, so you won't have to make any sacrifices. Apart from its spacious outdoor space, you can also able to rest easy knowing that you have made your house a more secure environment for your loved ones to live in.



Get the Best Value for Your Money with Athena Single Firewall Home

Let us help you achieve your life-long housing goals and provide your family with the home they deserve. Rest assured that our sites are located in strategic locations offering you less-hassle living and satisfaction. So, if you would love to purchase a premium spacious home at a reasonable cost, our Athena Single Firewall unit is the home model project you should trust. You can find this home model in the following areas below.


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This is also offered in Duplex house type.

Price Range

Php 2,902,000 - Php 3,045,000

House Model Specifications

house type

House Type : Two-storey, Single Firewall


Bedroom : 3

toilet and bath

Toilet and Bath : 1


Carport : 1

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