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Athena Duplex

Double the Comfort and Savings with Athena Duplex House Design

You will have access to a number of options and benefits if you decide to choose a dwelling in the style of a duplex house, which is a kind of multi-family home.


As a result of this, getting one of our Athena Duplexes, which are both a fantastic purchasing opportunity and an economical housing choice, may be the perfect choice for a person who is buying their first home. This duplex has the same number of rooms as a single-family house, which indicates that it can still be the appropriate size for a large family, and is constructed on a bigger lot, which will save the buyers money.


A Three Bedroom Duplex for A Cozy Living Space

There's no better location for a property than a spacious and affordable home located near the metro as well as the city or town center. Instead of looking for a small space to rent, find your forever home Athena Duplex in the suburbs that can get you easy access to the top locations around the country.


A 53-square-meter floor area on a regular 63-square-meter lot area property unit, the Athena Duplex offers more than the usual features of similar properties including the living area, dining & kitchen, and 1 toilet & bath, 1 carport provision, and a service area. With this house, you have 3 bedrooms, and a 1 family area provision, so you can have more amenities to bond with the family.


Our Athena Duplex properties are made with a modern cozy vibe. But it is also made with safety and with the aim for the property to last a long while. Hence, these are the details you can see in most of these 3-bedroom duplex properties. Windows are encased in steel, so pests, dust, and other unwanted things can enter your home. To secure your area, steel doors are installed on both the main entrance and service area door provision. You also have a PVC door for your toilet & bath. As for the roof above your head, these long-span covers are attached to steel frames to ensure strength.


For a heavily-used section in the house, the kitchen, the counter is made of a concrete slab complete with open-type cabinets for storage. To finish a clean look, all walls, internally and outside have been painted white, which you can switch upon moving in.


Upon turnover, you can enjoy a semi-furnished Athena Duplex home, making the move-in process easier for you!



Living in the Heart of Convenience with a 3 BR Duplex

Being accessible to most areas, Athena Duplex homeowners can enjoy various sites where they can get their basic services and amenities. For starters, you can head over to nearby shopping malls and marketplaces. You can also traverse the many major roads, highways, and expressways connecting to adjacent provinces, cities, and municipalities.


Moreover, because of its proximity to the city and town center, you can easily find schools, businesses, services, and facilities that can easily assist you in your daily living. Meanwhile, if you want amenities closer to your own Athena Duplex home, we have mini-gardens for your nature lovers' hearts, as well as a playground for your kids. For events and parties, residents can book the multi-purpose hall where they can accept their guests and easily put sign and decorations for their gatherings.


Developments are also on the rise in the community in which our Athena Duplexes are built, with small enterprises owned by entrepreneurs continuously growing the real estate value of the place.



Athena Duplex, a Sustainable Home for Contemporary Living

The Athena Duplex may offer you both the convenience and the room you need to do whatever you set your mind to, whether it be finding a way to accommodate a unique living scenario, such as an extended family, or generating some more cash flow for your income.


Its wide outdoor space also gives you enough room for a parking space and a garden, making it a premium sustainable home that perfectly suits the demands of the contemporary world.


It's not easy to search for a reasonably priced duplex property in the Philippines, that's why Athena Duplex is here to give you updates on other properties, new listings, and the latest offer for our properties. You can check out our communities that offer this 3 bedroom duplex in Rosario, Batangas and Tanza, Cavite.


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This is also offered in Single Firewall house type.

Price Range

Php 1,921,000 - Php 2,509,000

House Model Specifications

house type

House Type : Two-storey, Duplex


Bedroom : 3

toilet and bath

Toilet and Bath : 1


Carport : 1

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