Wear Facemask: A Friendly Reminder by Lumina Homes

27 February 2022

Even though the virus hasn't been eliminated, the government is beginning to loosen quarantine regulations to allow the economy and companies to recover more gradually as well as the national workforce. More individuals are permitted to leave their homes and return to their normal routines, unlike the previous months, as long as they adhere to strict health measures to prevent the spread of the virus.


As the novel coronavirus became part of our daily lives and routines for more than a year now, running errands and going out is no longer the same as in the pre-pandemic world. It's imperative these days that we take the government's health and safety implemented measures seriously to avoid bringing the virus into our home and spreading it to our family.


Essentials when you go out this pandemic

The pandemic brought us some additional essentials every time we go out of our home, but sometimes we tend to forget the things we need to bring every time we go outside. This is why we collected some of the essential things that we must bring with us every time we go out of our house. Let's go and check them out:


1. Phone

Many people throughout the globe are now able to get in touch with their loved ones instantaneously thanks to mobile phones. Since they can be carried about with the user at all times and utilized everywhere, there is a signal, and they are more convenient than prior modes of communication. They're small enough to fit in your pocket or purse with no problem. They're light as a feather. For individuals on a tight budget, there are low-cost options. The battery may be recharged in your vehicle by plugging it into an electrical outlet or even wirelessly in certain circumstances if the battery runs low.


SMS (short for text messaging) is a kind of text-based communication that has become more popular in recent years. It is a wonderful method to get a quick message through to someone since they are more likely to read it than an email.

Apart from this, due to the new normal way of living this pandemic, most establishments prefer digital payments using their smartphones.


2. Spare Keys

Many individuals worry that keeping extra keys in their homes, cars, and workplaces makes them more vulnerable. Because now there is more than one key, there is a greater likelihood that someone will get their hands on yours. If you're worried about losing your spare key, make sure it's with someone you can trust.


Anyone may be locked out, and it's preferable to be prepared in the event of an unintended lockout before it happens. Having a backup key not only saves you time and money but may also come in handy in an emergency.


3. Wallet

With a wallet, convenience is one of the most appealing aspects. Both cash and credit cards may be stored in a wallet. A driver's license, your QR Code, and other forms of identity may all be found in one place. This means that if necessary, you can even fit a few smaller items within your wallet. Regardless of the situation, your wallet will have all of your money and other requirements in one place.


As a bonus, wallets are also very secure. As an alternative to putting all of your belongings in one place, you may store your wallet in your front pocket. You will be able to tell whether someone is trying to rob you or take your information if you do this.


4. Sunglasses

For any style, there is the perfect pair of sunglasses to complete your look—from traditional cool to ultra-modern and chic. But it is more than just a pair of stylish glasses whenever you go outdoors.


It is important to remember that our eyes are quite sensitive. A wide range of diseases may be brought on by prolonged exposure to the sun. Certain ailments, such as aches and pains, might be life-threatening. A good pair of sunglasses can shield our eyes from the sun's harmful rays, though. Aside from this, it can also protect our eyes from getting irritated or damaged caused by wind and dust, especially during a windy day.


Sunglasses are also absolutely helpful while driving in strong sunshine since they allow you to see clearly and safely. It is not safe to wear sunglasses when driving at night, though.


5. Facemask

The use of a face mask may assist in preventing the transmission of illness and the acquisition of any airborne infectious germs by the user. Any of these actions may cause the discharge of germs into the surrounding air and hence lead to the infection of others in close proximity. As part of an infection control plan, face masks are used, especially at this time of the global pandemic. This is the vital reason why you need to always wear and bring masks whenever you go outside of your home.


Make wearing a mask a habitual component every time you go outside or need to interact with others. Also, make sure to also observe the proper use, storage, and disposal of masks. To maximize their effectiveness, masks must be handled with care at all times, including during usage, storage, cleaning, and eventual disposal.


6. Alcohol or sanitizer

Even before the coronavirus became at large globally, viruses and germs were already everywhere! They may make us ill if they land on our hands or other objects that we come into contact with regularly. When it comes to staying healthy, washing your hands with soap and water or using a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol is one of the essential things you can do.


Choose an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with an alcohol content of at least 60 percent. Make sure to also avoid the ingestion of alcohol by children by keeping an eye on them when they use hand sanitizers.


We cannot avoid not going out of our homes to buy some essentials this pandemic season. That is why it would be great if we could buy our daily needs just a few blocks away from our community.


In considering a house and lot package to purchase, make sure that it is not just accessible but also close to major infrastructures and facilities like public markets and groceries. Be practical in your home investment with Lumina Homes.


Make your home reservations now and enjoy the perks of having proximity to supermarkets near you!

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