Top Reasons Why Homeowners Choose Lumina Homes

30 March 2021

Investing in a property can be challenging, especially if you don't know the factors to consider when buying a property or a house and lot for sale. This is the reason why we collected some of the best reasons why homeowners, especially first-time homebuyers, prefer Lumina Homes as their community provider.


1. Affordable

Lumina Homes, ever since its launch in the real estate market in August 2012, has committed itself to providing and to help every Juan to achieve the pride of homeownership through its affordable house and lot for sale price offers.


Starting with Php 500,000 to Php 1.7 million, every Filipino can now find homes to buy and a space they can call their own. Quite apart from this, Lumina Homes also offers flexible payment schemes that can help ease the burden of homebuyers when they start their real estate investing.


You can buy a house from Lumina Homes with different financing options such as spot cash, deferred cash, bank financing, in-house financing, and through pag ibig housing loan.


Spot Cash

For spot cash, homebuyers will have a one-time payment of the house total contract price with less than 6% as a discount from the net price.


Deferred Cash

In deferred cash payment, buyers will be given two years to pay with a 0% interest rate. They can also have another option of 3 years to pay, giving them a 5% interest rate.


Bank Financing

Homebuyers can also start their real estate investing journey by having accredited banks like Banco de Oro (BDO), Cebuana Lhuillier Bank, AllBank, RCBC, Unionbank, UCPB, Security Bank, Maybank, China Bank Savings, and Robinsons Bank. Homebuyers don't need to have a membership; there's no contributions required and no need to have a savings account.


In house financing

For homebuyers who don't have any bank accounts, in-house financing is the best match for you.


Pag ibig financing

Meanwhile, pag ibig financing offers the lowest rates possible for your housing loan with 3% per annum and has the longest loan term with a maximum of 30 years. Borrowers can even loan up to Php 6 million, subject to their capacity to pay and actual need. 


2. Great Location

Lumina dedicates itself to building communities that can give safety and satisfaction to its residents by providing a peaceful neighborhood that is free from flood and away from pollution—ensuring the security and the health of its homeowner.


Unbox faster and reliable home internet connectivity

As everything goes digital and most activities, transactions, and jobs are being done these days remotely, the location you will choose for your homes to buy must have an available internet connection. 


Lumina Homes has a partnership with Streamtech to provide a reliable home internet connection with unlimited fiber internet to every resident.


Streamtech is a promising internet provider. It has quick installation time within 48 hours upon confirmation of subscription and service with technical teams that can install faster than its competitors—ensuring a timely connection for Lumina Homes residents at the soonest possible time.


3. High-Quality Housing Units

Although the house and lot for sale prices of Lumina Homes are affordable, all of its housing units are built with quality materials. It can assure every homeowner that their brand new home is a high-quality unit that can last the test of time any natural disaster.


Unbox bigger and better living spaces

Aside from having reinforced concrete as its construction type, Lumina Homes will start converting its socialized developments to address the demand for bigger living spaces. Due to the pandemic, most home seekers are looking into two-storey house and lots as it has bigger room provisions, bigger lot, and better ventilation. Lumina Homes offer house and lot for sale with bigger spaces through its duplexes and single firewall types of home model units.


4. Trusted Developer

Lumina Homes is the affordable housing segment of Vista Land, one of the country's top community providers today. So people who would like to start real estate investing can ensure that Lumina Homes is credible and a trusted developer in the real estate industry.


Additionally, Lumina Homes is recognized by the pag ibig fund as one of its top authorized developers in the Philippines for loan takeout value, and the most significant number of housing borrowers handled—making them a dependable provider of houses and lot for sale across the country.


5. Great Design and Layout

Lumina Homes make sure that all its housing units are built in modern designs while balancing a very cozy vibe to its residents—creating a community that perfectly feels like home.


Unbox a healthier and greener lifestyle

Lumina Homes will also transform its open spaces into landscaped gardens. It aims that residents can expect more lush green outdoor spaces that are fit for a jog or leisure walks. This is perfect as Lumina doesn't only limit its excellent design and layout to its home model units but also the whole community.


Lumina is also strengthening its Community Development Group's policies on proper waste segregation and collection. It is also in the process of making its eco-facilities nationwide fully operational, donating them to Villar SIPAG Foundation and NGOs. They make compost fertilizer or recycles plastic waste into plastic chairs.


Unbox new and stronger social connections through eSpacio

Lumina is environment-friendly and committed to bringing better social connections within the subdivision while developing a healthier community. It's signature amenities, such as the multi-purpose hall with a stage that serves as a venue for different sports. It is also a perfect venue for general assemblies and community events. The mini gardens and play area also have jogging paths. There is also a shuttle stop and parking. It is a new space for livelihood, entertainment, and recreation.


They also have new features like the Tambayan ni Juan that takes after the idea of a "night market," allowing homeowners to rent and set up kiosks for food and other items to sell.


When looking for a community provider for your family or real estate investing, make sure to choose one that pursues innovation while maintaining an eco-friendly community. Choose Lumina Homes!


For more information about the affordable house and lot for sale and condo units of Lumina Homes, please contact (0917) 629 6523.
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