Royal Dutch from Bacolod Joins Lumina Hiphop to the Top Dance Contest

7 February 2022

Summer is definitely just around the corner as we can already feel that the weather is getting warmer and warmer every day. Suppose you're looking for some great and energetic vibe this coming summer season. In that case, you might want to consider conditioning yourself with some positive energy by watching vigorous and high-spirited dance movies or shows like Work It.


Netflix's addictive teenage rom-com titled "Work It" is a perfect way to liven up your spirit for this coming summer months activities. Step Up and Bring It On-style comedies like this one will make you want to form a dancing company of your own. If you have already finished watching Work It, Netflix also offers a plethora of dancing movies to choose from. So if you are wondering what to watch next, you may have a quick check from this list.


9 Must Watch Dance Movies from Netflix


1. Dance Academy: The Comeback

An adaption of the Australian television series Dance Academy, Dance Academy: The Comeback is a feature film. Tara Webster is a former ballet student who has recovered from an accident that had left her unable to perform on stage. As a result, she relocates to New York City to pursue a professional dancing career. The going is tougher for Tara than for Sydney, and she begins to doubt her own ability to dance after receiving rejection after rejection.


2. Bring it On: Worldwide #Cheersmack

Celebrity cheerleaders battle it out in a new round of the cult classic Bring It On franchise in Bring It On: Worldwide #Cheersmack, the sixth installment in the swashbuckling series. For the second time, The Rebels are pitted against the edgier The Truth in this round of the popular cheering competition. Cheerleader Destiny accepts Blake and his street dancers as members of her team. An international competition will pit them against one other in a virtual arena.


3. High Strung Free Dance

When two young New Yorkers are set to make their breakthrough in an immensely Broadway production, High Strung Free Dance chronicles their journey. Dancer Barlow and pianist Charlie are hired by Zander, a young, charismatic choreographer who is also a talented pianist. When Zander and Charlie fall in love with Barlow, things go out of hand. The Broadway actors are doing their best to remain level-headed while the industry drama takes over.


4. Pop, Lock 'n Roll

Hip-hop film Pop, Lock 'n Roll tells the story of Raps, a street-style dancer from South Africa who dreams to make it big in the dance industry. He's given the opportunity to make it big in the entertainment industry as a professional dancer and performer. However, he is instantly smitten with the wife of his mobster producer, and this might spell the end of his professional life.


5. Driven to Dance

Paige aspires to be a professional dancer despite her mother's objections. She is preparing for an audition for a renowned ballet company, which she believes will show her mother the value of dance. Although it may not be a viable professional option, Paige is adamant. The cast of Driven to Dance includes real-life ballet stars, and the show incorporates some spectacular dance numbers.


6. Let's Dance

"Let's Dance" follows a trio of aspiring Paris dancers as they compete in various dance competitions to see who can get the biggest break. In addition to his love Emma and close buddy Karim, Joseph becomes a member of the renowned Yuri dance squad. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned. They decide to split up after failing their first test. Joseph and his two-person team are determined to win the world hip-hop dance competition, so they decide to try something new. A group of young ballet dancers approaches them and asks if they'd like to teach them hip-hop.


7. Battle

In Oslo, Amalie, a teenage dancer, is forced to deal with losing her wealthy father's whole fortune. A former student of her studio returns to class and offers her a place in his dancing company in Amsterdam, but she's not out of luck just yet. This is the opportunity Amalie has been looking for, and Battle follows her through her rigorous preparation to earn a seat on the squad. Also, Amalie runs across the attractive freestyle street dancer Mikael, who may assist her in her quest for victory.


8. Feel the Beat

Having been rejected from Broadway after a disastrous audition, April resolves to return to the little town she grew up in. Even though it's not the most desirable location for young dancers, April immediately secures a job teaching an eclectic bunch of youngsters how to dance. However, she's educating them for a reason. If they make it to the national competition, she will have another opportunity to play in front of Broadway casting agents. In Feel the Beat, we follow a lady as she makes a return to the dancing studio.


9. Honey: Rise Up and Dance

This is the fourth film in the Honey dancing series, yet each picture has its own unique plot. Following a young street dancer named Skyler, who hopes to get a university scholarship, the fourth film focuses on her journey. However, she has to live in the shadow of her more accomplished ballerina sister Tosha, and her family does not encourage her to pursue her new passion. They all think Skyler is a bad dancer, so she trains at an underground dance studio. 


Now, that's a ton of motivation you have to bring you some great energy this coming season! But just in case you get too inspired with these great dance movies and want to try your prowess in dancing, then you need a good space inside your community where you can practice your shindy skills.


Introducing Lumina Homes eSpacio

Just like a great fresh and great space in which the Royal Dutch Bacolod did their dance performance, Lumina Homes also have a wider area inside its community where you can do various activities—including dancing.


eSpacio, from the word itself, means space, can be a place to hone your talents since the available amenities are spacious where you can practice your amazing dance moves. You can even share your talents with other Lumina homeowners by performing at Tambayan ni Juan or for events in the multipurpose hall. You can even discover your other skills, particularly in sports, as Lumina's multipurpose hall has complete amenities for multi-sports like a basketball court, volleyball court, four badminton courts, and more!


So make sure to put your money by investing them through a bank home loan n in a promising real estate community like Lumina Homes.

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