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Lumina Sessions: Do you need millions to buy a property?

8 May 2022

In contrast to investing in stocks or managed funds, which might need specialized expertise to get a foot in the door, purchasing real estate is frequently considered as the "least hazardous" option. Investing in a property, such as a home or apartment, may be very lucrative if the buyer takes the time to learn about how to maximize the value of their new acquisition.


A prospective property investor's primary priority is to find a property that is within their financial means. The most important aspect in evaluating whether you can invest in real estate is whether or not you can afford to do so. If you want to invest in the stock market, you'll need a significant chunk of money up front.


Let’s join Janelle from Lumina Marketing Rizal as she explains how much do you need in buying a property for this week’s Lumina Sessions.


What is a real estate property?

Before answering the question if we really need to have millions to buy a real estate property in Lumina Homes, let’s tackle first what is a real estate property.


A real estate property is any type of land and any improvements that might rest or installed upon it. In laymen’s term, an example of it is when you buy a house or you own a land, then it is called a real estate property.


It’s true that people nowadays are more curious about the different types of investments and how they actually work.


And this curiosity, often leads them to one of the least risky investments in the market—an investment to a real estate or a property.


Why is real estate a good investment?

In an actual fact, anyone who buys a house is already starting or engaging in a real estate investment. In investing in a real estate property, you must consider the demand of the property that you bought.


This is because the demand for owning a property is what makes real estate a good investment. This means that depending on the development around the house and lot that you buy, the property value of your home can appreciate over time.


Types of Real Estate Property

There are four types of real estate property that you must be familiarized with before starting your investment journey. These are:

  • Rawland
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential

From all this four types, the most popular investment that people can ever acquire will be the residential property. This includes the most typical type of real estate property such as house and lots, condominiums, and the likes.


Where to buy a residential property?

There are many ways in which you can avail a residential property such as buying directly to the owner of the property or getting a house and lot through a trusted developer like Lumina Homes.


Lumina Homes offers affordable and quality homes that can surely fit your lifestyle and your family’s needs. You can choose from their wide range of home model units from their townhouse, duplex, and single firewall units. You can also decide whether you want it to be Not-Ready for Occupancy, also known as NRFO, or if you prefer it to be Ready for Occupancy or RFO.


Not Ready For Occupancy

When we say NRFO, it means that the property is yet to develop or still under the development phase. It is also known as Pre-selling units. The good thing about this kind of property is that you can buy it at a lower price and watch as its value appreciates over time.


Ready For Occupancy

Meanwhile RFO units are the properties that are fully developed and ready for turnover. If you’re looking for a home that you can live in immediately, then this type of property would be more convenient for you.


Design and Size

An example for this is a Single Firewall house and lot unit from Lumina Homes. This type of house costs much higher than other units because this type of unit provides you your own lot that can be used for your house extension which in return, can be utilized as a garage or even a garden.


Now that you already understand about the different properties available in Lumina Homes, we can now answer the question…




The answer here is NO.


This is because Lumina Homes allows the homebuyer to reserve the property first and pay the down payment and amortization in the terms available.


The down payment for your preferred house and lot package from Lumina Homes can be as low as 10 % of the total contract price. The remaining 90 % of the price will be then be loaned through a bank with a minimum interest rate of 7 %.


Lumina Homes also keeps on creating renovations and embracing the modern technology in order to make home reservations easier and more convenient for its clients and business partners.


Process to acquire a property from Lumina Homes

Do you want to make your home reservations with us but don’t know where and how to start? Below is the step by step process on how to make your online home reservations at  the comfort of your home:

Step 1.

Visit Lumina Home official website at to fill out the online reservation form.


In this page, you will be present various community locations and available home models but you need to choose one that you preferred the most.


Step 2.

After filling out the online form and selecting your preferred home model units in your chosen Lumina project, it is now time for you to process your payment. You will be asked to pay the reservation fee through our online payment facility options like GCash, AllEasy, ShopeePay, ECPay, or other selected online banks.


You should also provide at least 2 valid IDs upon making your home reservations.


Step 3.

You will now be administered by our accounts officer for the down payment period of your chosen Lumina Homes’ house and lot.


Step 4.

Last would be the loan application or financing period. In this step, you will be assisted by our Admin Officers all throughout the process of your loan application.


AND THAT’S IT! You are now ready to invest in our property here in Lumina Homes. To know more about the different promos and freebies that Lumina Homes is offering, please make sure to follow our social media pages. Don’t also forget to like this video and follow our YouTube Channel for more informative discussions about home investment.

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