Advantages and Disadvantages of Pre-selling

16 April 2022

Good Lumina morning everyone! We hope that you are safe and healthy even though everything is slowly getting back to normal these days. In today’s episode of Lumina Sessions, we are going to discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of buying a pre-selling unit.

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Advantages of Buying a Pre-Selling Unit

It is important for a home buyer to determine the benefits of a pre-selling unit so that you will know what are the opportunities you can grab once you purchased one, as well as the offers and perks that you can enjoy with a pre-selling unit.


1. Lower or discounted prices compared to built up houses.

Usually, if you are going to buy an already constructed house, it costs more than a property that doesn’t have a built up house yet. What happens when you buy pre-selling homes is that you can buy them usually 30 to 50% lower than a home that is already constructed.


2. Flexible payments, terms, promos, and discounts.

Since the buyer has a longer waiting time before the property can be transferred to them, the developer can offer the best payment terms for them. With Lumina Homes, we offer 0% interest rates for the down payment which are usually posted in our marketplaces and our local Lumina Pages.


Through this, the buyer won’t need to cash out a bigger amount of money since they will need to only pay for the reservation fee of their preferred property as well as the monthly down payment.


3. First pick on the best location in the project or development.

You can choose first your own specific preference in terms of lot in the best block of the project for example, if you want your property to be close to the amenities or the entrance of the subdivision.


And since no house is built yet in the development, there will also be more available inventories that will let you have wider range of options for the location of your property inside the Lumina subdivision that suits you needs.


4. Can give higher rate of return if you choose to have it rented out.

If you are an investor wanting to purchase a pre-selling property and willing to wait, you will definitely get a higher rate of return because the house was bought in a lower price.


For example, if you reserve a unit from Lumina Homes that is payable for 18 months, so that would be almost two (2) years of payment, you can have a higher rate of return once the unit is turned over to you and you decided to have the unit to be rented out since you were able to buy it in a lower price.


5. High capital gains because of property appreciation.

You must keep in mind, that in real estate, the property’s value will appreciate over time. This is the reason why it is better to reserve or invest a property as early as its pre-selling phase.


In Lumina Homes, you can have a higher capital gain since once the unit would be turned over to you, you can have the opportunity to earn almost 20% of the money you invested in your property. And with this, investors can easily see the difference of the amount money they could earn through the years if they invest in a unit with a lower price.


Disadvantages of Buying a Pre-Selling Unit

Knowing the disadvantages of a pre-selling unit lets you have ample time to prepare for your future investment. Also, it will help you out to determine if a pre-selling unit will fit you and your family’s needs and lifestyle. Your expectations can be set on what awaits you in the future.


1. You cannot move in immediately.

When buying a pre-selling unit, you cannot move right away since the house that you reserved is not yet constructed. Purchasing a pre-selling unit won’t allow you to use the property immediately since you don’t have a definite time when it will be turned over to you or when can you move in.


So, if you are in a hurry to move in to your new property, a pre-selling unit is not for you.


2. Your financial situations or plans may have changed.

Since you have a longer time to wait before the unit will be turned over to you, you are not sure what would be your financial situation in the future—you might already switch into a new job, have plans to work or live abroad, or lose your current job.


There’s a possibility that by the time your home is already constructed and is ready for loan application, your financial state has changed. So if you will purchase a pre-selling unit, make sure that you are prepared for your future since you will need to present some financial documentation to get a loan and for you to get the property that you invested with Lumina Homes.


But whichever your decision may be in starting your home investment, either you buy a pre-selling unit or a ready for occupancy unit, purchasing a property here in Lumina Homes will always be one of the best decisions you will make as a real estate investor.


And that’s it for our Lumina Session for today. We hope that you continue to stay tune to get more tips and advices in starting your real estate investment as well as more information about Lumina Homes’ house and lot packages all over the country.


See you again next week for another Lumina Session, everyone!

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