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The Place Where Our Heart Desires to Be

There’s a place our heart desires when we are tired from the burning hours of work; the hours we have to wait due to the simultaneous red lights along the street; bills that we have to endlessly pay, and the life that we have to endure. There’s a place our heart desires when we had enough, and that place is called HOME.

The COVID 19 crisis the world is facing right now, brings us back to the place where we usually forgot to share our good memories with, where our blanket gives us the warmth we are longing, where the silence inside our room is uncomparable to the noise of the bars we usually hangout to, where the laughter and grins of your siblings, parents, or cousins it may be, are still the best views compared to those travels goals we have included in our bucket list as we grew older.

This pandemic reminds us that Shelter is indeed one of the basic necessity a person should have aside from food and clothes, as our school once taught us. This reminds us to come back to the basic need of people amidst the complicated world that awaits us outside.

This is the reason why perhaps our parents would tell us as that when we finished school, what we have to invest first is to have a House, instead of getting yourself a fancy car, or anything else in between, because truth is, it is where we will run to when everything goes wrong.

Good thing is whether you are at the young age or in your 50’s your dream of owning a House is not impossible nor too late. At our Era, your Php 3,000 can be your ticket to owning a House & Lot.

Happy young Asian family play together on couch at home. Chinese mother father and child daughter enjoying happy relax spending time together in modern living room in evening.

In this world where everything is in fast-phased, we may forget our passwords in social media, our friends’ birthdays, our tomorrow’s appointment,  our planned flight, our Social Security number or our heartaches, but one thing is for sure, we can never forget our way Home.


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