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The Achievable Dream: #BahayGoals


”A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work”

Our dreams motivate us to work hard and make us inspired by our goals in life. Each and every one of us have different goals, some of us have #BahayGoals. We have dreams and plans in our lives, and we are always determined to do anything and just to reach our dreams. If you have a dream, start believing.

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A lot of people work for their #BahayGoals. Some of us do, even before graduating. Not because we want to separate ourselves from our family and be independent, but to build our own family.

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Achieving the dream of having your own home is probably the best thing we can achieve while we are young. It’s a great investment that appreciates in value over time. Although it may seem like a hard task when you invest smartly, the benefits are definitely worth it.

What are the perks of achieving you #BahayGoals?

You can enjoy more freedom, wherever and whenever you go.
You will feel the sense of being independent and being grown up.
You can manage your own expenses well especially your necessities at home.
Having your own home can save a lot of money allotted for rental fees.

We all know that it may be challenging for us to choose the right home and secure an appropriate house mortgage. But in LUMINA, you can find the perfect one for you. Because Lumina offers a wide roster of affordable homes that are as low as PHP 2,148.00 monthly. Aside from providing affordable homes for every Juan, Lumina allows the Buyer to pay their own home on a monthly basis. No worries on paperwork and lengthy lines for an application, ‘cause Lumina got you covered.

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Lumina communities also have amenities for every Kabarangay to enjoy. A basketball court and playground for your kids to play at. A gazebo, so your family can hold an event right inside Barangay Lumina. And lush green spaces for your family to relax, or maybe have a picnic at.


You can invest now and start believing that your dream may come true. We will never know unless you try. ”All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”. -k.n


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