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Own A Pre-selling Home While in Your 20s

There is no such thing as “right age” or “perfect time” when it comes to home investing. What’s more important in homebuying is having the right mindset, that is knowing the risks and being comfortable with it.

If you are in your 20s and are looking to invest, then it is highly suggested that you go for pre-selling developments.


What is pre-selling and why choose it?

Pre-selling refers to a phase wherein the real-estate developer is offering home units before the time of completion or before any development has progressed.

Here’s why you can invest in a pre-selling home while in your 20s:


  1. Pre-selling house and lots are reasonably-priced.

Because there’s no existing development yet, you can make sure that the home packages are reasonably priced. If you are lucky, you can even find developers that offer discounts on top of their pre-selling home packages.

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  1. Because of lack of development, payment terms for a pre-selling home is more flexible.

The real-estate developer will most likely stretch the term or duration of payment, hence monthly payment dues are smaller and they’re easier to pay


  1. You have more location options in pre-selling development

Not everyone is keen on reserving in a project where they cannot see any development yet. However, this is actually an advantage because you have higher chance on reserving a slot that you really want – whether it is near the entrance, facing the sunrise or sunset, or close to the common subdivision amenities.



  1. High appraisal and market value after x years.

Imagine getting your pre-selling property for a little over 700,000 and after 2 or 3 years, the very same property that you got for 700,000 is now 1.4 million in market price. The value of real-estate never depreciates, so it’s really best that you get a pre-selling deal at a low price. Once the development starts, expect that the real-estate developer will increase their prices.

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The right time is home investing is always “now.” Be smart enough to start investing. Instead of spending a great part of your money in luxury, why not spend instead on a pre-selling home?

Convinced yet? Try looking into the pre-selling homes offered in Bicolandia!

Soon in the Bicolandia, Lumina Homes, a well-known and trusted housing developer, will develop affordable and quality homes in key cities and municipalities such as in Legazpi CitySan Vincente, Camarines Norte and Sorsogon City.


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