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Workout Tips for Beginners

10 January 2022

The holiday seasons are finally over, and it’s time for us to burn those fats that we gained throughout Christmas and New Year. This is also a great start to begin your New Year’s Resolution in achieving a healthy lifestyle this year.


The great thing is that Lumina Homes offers just the perfect spot for your workout routine inside the community through its newest amenities called eSpacio!


Suppose you’re looking for houses for sale. In that case, eSpacio is an area inside the Lumina community that features its signature amenities like a covered multi-purpose hall that can serve as a play court for your favorite sports and a jogging path for a good morning or afternoon run. This is perfect for real estate investing if your want to buy property.


To give you some inspiration and motivation in your daily exercise, here are Bida Juana Chonna Mei and Bida Juan Macky Immanuel as they answer the questions from their social media about their workout routines.


Question #1 from Ross Maglanoc: Is it true that the more I sweat while working out, the more fat I lose?

Answered by Bida Juan Macky:

“Para po sa akin is myth lang po yung sinasabi na the more na pinagpapawisan ka, the more na nababawasan yung taba mo dahil dito po, ang nababawasan lang is yung water weight po. Iyon po yun. Hindi po yung body fat. Kahit na sobrang extreme po yung workout mo, hindi po yun nababawas sa fats.”


(For me, the saying that the more you sweat, the more you lose fat is just a myth since I believe that this only reduces your water weight, not your body fat. Even though you do an extreme workout, it doesn’t mean that it reduces the fats.)


Question #2 from Ibrahim Ayezuddin: How many minutes do you usually workout?

Answered by Bida Juana Chonna:

“Kapag nagwo-workout ako mga 1 hour para hindi masyadong nabubugbog yung katawan ko and sa 1 hour na yun nagagawa ko na lahat ng exercise ng makakatulong sa katawan ko.”


(I usually workout for just an hour so that my body will not be too beaten, and with that 1-hour workout, I can already do all the exercises that can help me.)


Question #3 from Grace Licup: Ano ang mga food na kinakain mo not to gain weight? (What types of food do you eat that don’t make you gain weight?)

Answered by Bida Juan Macky:

“Yung mga food na kinakain not to gain weight is yung mga bagay na less oil kagayan ng egg at mga chicken breasts. Iyung mga ini-steam so doon hindi ka makakapag-gain ng weight pero makakakuha ka ng protein kung saan makakapag-build ka ng muscle.”


(The food that I eat not to gain weight is less oil like boiled egg and chicken breasts. These are all steamed so that you will not gain weight but still get enough protein to help you build your muscle.)


Question #4 from Mariz Jacobe: When is the best time to workout in a day?

Answered by Bida Juana Chonna:

“I think the best time to workout in a day is morning kasi dun pa lang parang gigisingin mo yung katawan mo sa tulong ng workout na yun. Kapag morning ka nag-exercise, parang ise-set niya yung buong araw mo na maganda yung flow ng body mo.”


(I think the best time to workout is in the morning to help you condition your body. When you exercise in the morning, you are setting your body condition for the whole day.)


Question #5 from Ross Maglanoc: What type of training should I do to lose weight?

Answered by Bida Juan Macky:

“You need to know ano yung body composition mo. Ano ba yung gusto mong i-target. Sinasabi mo nga na kailangan mo is yung mag-lose ng weight so mag-focus ka sa cardio kung saan magagalaw lahat ng part ng katawan mo. Cardio is the best when you want to lose weight.”


(You need to know your body composition. What do you want to target? So, you’re saying that you need to lose weight, so you need to focus on cardio exercises to move all parts of your body. Cardio is the best way to lose weight.)


Question #6 from Cherrie Martinez: What is the benefit of squat?

Answered by Bida Juana Chonna:

“I think for me the benefit of squat is pinapalakas niya yung hita ko and nakakatulong din ito hindi lang sa hita, kung hindi buong katawan natin. Kasi kapag nagi-squat tayo, pati muscle natin napapalakas din niya.”


(I think the benefit of squat is it helps you strengthen not just your thighs but your whole body. Because when we do squats, it also enhances our muscles.)


Question #7 from Kenneth Datuin: What is your motivation to achieve a good body composition?

Answered by Bida Juan Macky:

“For me, I always tell myself that there is always room for improvement, and that motivates me.”


“Once na nagwo-workout ka kasi, yung body natin is naglalabas or nagre-release ng endorphins which is yung happy hormones. So, once na nag-workout ako, I get happy and iyon yung motivation ko to strive harder.”


(Once you workout, your body releases endorphins or happy hormones. So, once I workout, I feel so glad, which becomes my motivation to strive harder.)


Question #8 from Dennisah Ro Se: Can you share with us your food diet?

Answered by Bida Juana Chonna:


“My food diet is I always eat vegetables, fruits, and I always drink a lot of water because alam ko na iyon ang mga food na healthy sa katawan natin and nakakapagbigay siya ng iba’t ibang vitamins.”


(My food diet is I always eat vegetables, fruits, and I always drink a lot of water because I know that these are a healthy food that can help our body to get vitamins.)


Question #9 from Jemuel Mendoza: How do you achieve that kind of flat tummy?

Answered by Bida Juan Macky:

“It is on how you see yourself.”


“More on diet siya kasi kahit yung mag-workout ka nang mag-workout, mag-ab workout ka nang mag-ab workout, hindi ka disiplinado sa diet mo then hindi mo maa-achieve yung flat tummy mo. And also, yung flat tummy, kailangan mong ma-cleanse siya sa morning and sa evening once na matutulog ka na. Kailangan mo mag-drink ng warm or hot water bago matulog and pagkagising mo sa umaga.”


(It should be more on a diet because even though you regularly workout and or do abs exercises if you cannot discipline yourself with your diet, you can’t achieve a flat tummy. Also, if you want to achieve a flat tummy, you need to do cleansing in the morning and the evening before you sleep. You need to drink warm or hot water before bedtime and when you wake up in the morning.)


Question #10 from Grace Licup: How many times do you usually workout in a week?

Answered by Bida Juana Chonna:

Nagwo-workout ako every other day dahil kailangan ding mapahinga yung muscle natin and nang buong katawan. Hindi naman puwede yung bugbugin natin araw-araw yung muscle and katawan natin dahil lang sa page-exercise.


(I workout every other day because our muscles and body also need to rest. It’s not good that we beat ourselves exercising every day.)


Workout Routines to do inside your Lumina Home

Aside from this, our Bida Juan and Juana also suggested us some of the workout routines such as:

  1. Squats High Knees
  2. Drills that are good for the legs and thighs
  3. Lunges
  4. Curtsy Lunges


When they were asked how they felt after finishing their workout routines, Chonna said it was tiring but worth it. Macky also shared that working out improves the blood circulation in his body.


Bida Juana Chonna and Bida Juan Macky also gave us some tips for our workout routines.


For Chonna, it’s essential for us always drink a lot of water and maintain our food diet. We should also avoid oily food and always eat healthy food instead.


Meanwhile, Macky advised us to follow the ratio of 30% workout, 70% diet, and 100% discipline. He also reminded us to be consistent to achieve our dream body.


Working out needs determination that, in return, can reward us with a fit body. So, join us as we start living healthy inside the Lumina Homes community this 2022!

For more information about the affordable house and lot for sale and condo units of Lumina Homes, please contact (0917) 629 6523.
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