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How to Celebrate International Coffee Day

Enjoy more of your coffee as we celebrate International Coffee Day not just because it is our favori…

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3 January 2021

Five Factors to Consider in Choosing Your Home

With Lumina Homes, affordability and quality of the house and lot for your family can be assured as …

2 January 2021

Weaving Dreams from Afar

More Filipinos and expats are choose to avail house and lot properties that are known for its afford…

29 December 2020

Filipinos' Wacky Ways of Celebrating the New Year’s Eve

Filipino celebrates New Year with different traditions. Welcome 2021 with house and lot reservation …

23 December 2020

Lumina Homes, a Lantern of Hope for OFWs this Christmas

"Kwentong Lumina, Kwento ng Pag-asa" tells the inspiring story of a Lumina Homeowner that works over…

23 December 2020

Budget-Friendly Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Lumina Home

Best thing about putting up decorations at home is having it a place to call your own. Find affordab…

22 December 2020

Top Brokers to Help You Find the Best Home Deals this Christmas

Save time in searching for the best Lumina Homes in your area and seek assistance of reputable broke…

16 December 2020

Filipino Christmas in the Middle of a Pandemic

The pandemic changed the lives of many Filipinos. Now, safe spaces are no longer just about security…

10 December 2020

Health is Wealth this Christmas Season

Christmas celebrations is an opportunity for gatherings to reconnect with family and loved ones but …

9 December 2020

Advantages of Opening a Savings Account

Check out the list of banks you can trust when you open for a savings account as you take the first …

4 December 2020

Six Easy Steps to Owning a Lumina Home

Purchasing house and lot shouldn't be tiring! Make the process simpler and more convenient by follow…

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