Why Rosario, Batangas is an Excellent Place to Call Home

25 September 2022
Why Rosario Batangas is an Excellent Place to Call Home

Given that Manila is consistently ranked as one of the world's most populous cities, it is not surprising that homebuyers have been increasingly drawn to areas to the south of the metropolitan capital. Other than the beaches and tourist sites, you will be pleased to know that there is so much more to explore beyond Manila!


Different component cities each have their own unique art scenes, historical landmarks, and culinary scenes.


One of them is the Municipality of Rosario which can be found in the Province of Batangas in the southern part of the Philippine island of Luzon. Both this town and province are well-known for their agricultural history. Many excellent tourist destinations exist, too, where you may bask in the glory of unspoiled nature.



Discover Rosario Batangas

The town of Rosario in Batangas Province is a 1st class municipality. There are 48 individual barangays making up this area-- five of which namely Poblacion A, B, C, D, and E have a total land area of 93.1 hectares, making them considered as urban barangays.


Meanwhile, the remaining 43 barangays of Rosario Municipality are classified as rural barangays covering 278.3 square kilometers of land territory.


A brief history of Rosario, Batangas

According to historical records, the Christians who settled along the coast of Lobo are responsible for founding Rosario. Unfortunately, a group of pirates attacked the settlement during the Moro Wars that occurred in the 18th century.


Due to this, residents sought refuge in the forest and ravine on the north-west bank of the Kansahayan River (now the Municipality of Taysan) after being attacked by Moro or pirates. Here is where the town was moved to. However, the most violent Moro incursions reached Kansahayan in the latter part of the 18th century, when the conflict between the Moro and the Spanish was at its height. The Parish Priest was killed in one of these raids.


Residents of Kansahayan have made the decision to relocate. As they fled farther north, they held a novena and on the ninth day, the evacuees arrived at the bank of the Tubig ng Bayan (a river that begins in Lipa) at what is now Padre Garcia, where they decided to settle. The town's residents were so thankful for their patron, the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish, that they built a stone cathedral to her south of the riverbank and named this town Santo Rosario.


During the Philippine-American War, Santo Rosario has completely destroyed. Capt. Daniel H. Boughton, an American cavalry commander, discovered the large spring at the base of Tombol Hill. He opted to move the town west of the spring in which e we can now find the present Rosario town center.


What district of Batangas does the Municipality of Rosario belong to?

The town of Rosario is included in the 4th Congressional District of Batangas province. It's also not too far from Batangas City, the provincial seat, and around 93 kilometers from Manila, the Philippines' capital. It's also just 13 km from Lipa City, the district capital and largest city in the 4th Congressional District.


Approximately 280 square kilometers of land make up the town of Rosario in the southeastern part of Batangas Province. It borders Quezon Province to the southeast; Padre Garcia Municipality and Lipa City to the north; Taysan Municipality and Lobo Municipality to the south; San Juan Municipality and Quezon Province to the east; and Ibaan Municipality to the west.


Rosario is one of the interior municipalities that build the Batangas Bay Region, which contains four (4) coastal municipalities, nine (9) interior municipalities, and one (1) island municipality whose catchment regions drain into Batangas Bay.



Why Invest in Rosario Batangas

The Municipality of Rosario is located in Batangas province. You might consider it to be one of Batangas' major town centers making you realize that there is nothing more you could want since it has everything that you need.


To top it all off, for a town located in the middle of the province, it is surprisingly modern and progressive, making it a good spot to start a real estate investment.


Below are other reasons why Rosario Batangas is the perfect place to relocate your home.


1. Blessed with natural resources

The town of Rosario is blessed with two kinds of soil suitable for coconuts, rice, fruit trees, bananas, maize, mongo, citrus, bamboo, grasslands, and shrubs.


Due to this, various crops are produced in the town including rice, coconuts, mangoes, cocoa, citrus, bananas, and avocado are just a few of the staple agricultural goods that keep the economy of the Municipality of Rosario afloat. This makes a more affordable cost of living in the town since daily necessities and staple food can be acquired in a farm-to-table concept.


In addition, the "Rice Granary of Batangas," as Rosario is colloquially called, has the potential to become a major agro-industrial hub in the Philippines.


2. Provides accessibility and mobility

With only an hour and a half travel time from Rosario to Manila, the town definitely has a high accessibility and mobility rate, providing convenience to travelers and a hassle-free commute for passengers.


There are also various entry points in the municipality--whether it is in the north, east, west, or south borders-- that give daily travelers more public transportation options including jeepneys, buses, tricycles, and private vehicles. In addition, the municipality is also near to major thoroughfares and highways that connect the town to other cities and adjacent provinces.


3. Several school options for your kids' education

Basic amenities including an office for administration, a library, a clinic, restrooms, a store, a playground, and athletic equipment are standard at both public and private elementary schools. There are also universities and colleges located near properties, within or close to the municipality, giving your kids better access to education.


4. Near commercial hubs

Rosario, Batangas's degree of commercial development may be gauged by looking at the variety of commercial areas existing there, the predominant sorts of companies or trade, and the various commercial support facilities located close to Lumina Rosario and its similar properties. These also pointed to the potential and motivation for more business growth in the municipality.


In fact, in the Poblacion barangays, you'll find the greatest number of the municipality's business enterprises and services. The Center Business District or CBD is located in the barrios of Poblacion B, C, D, and E.


Meanwhile, the Poblacion E, centered on the bustling Public Market, is where you'll find the city's greatest number of shops, restaurants, and other commercial establishments inviting other properties and investors to build their business here.


5. Close to tourist attractions

Aside from agriculture, the town of Rosario also gives more options for tourists as it is close to tourist attractions.


If you want to take into account in your travels nature and the environment, then Rosario Batangas offer you these details as it is close to Tombol Hill and a number of relaxing resorts, as well as the famous Batangas Racing Circuit. You can also easily travel to nearby towns, cities, and provinces if you want to search for more travel locations with your family and friends.


Start your Lifetime Investment in Lumina Rosario

The best place to begin a sustainable property investment is in Lumina Rosario. With its rich and fertile soil, you can achieve the farm-to-table goodness of your staple food, not to mention a more affordable price of these commodities. On top of that, you can also ensure the freshness of the food you serve on the family tables it is close to the public market and other marketplaces in town.


The affordable house and lot for sale in Lumina Rosario is located in Brgy. Quilib Rosario, Batangas, and only a 5-minute away from commercial hubs and transportation terminals. It is equipped with flagship amenities from Lumina Homes making this affordable house and lot a sure win for your family.


Start your investment now in the house and lot in the Philippines with Lumina Rosario and experience the convenience of accessibility and mobility near the Metro!

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