What Does Go, Grow, Glow Foods Mean For Kids?

27 June 2023
What Does Go Grow Glow Foods Mean For Kids

Building a healthy lifestyle is important to Filipinos, especially for growing kids. You should keep in mind that your children did not automatically develop a dislike for vegetables and a penchant for fast food. Over time, when kids are presented with more and more unhealthy eating options, they get conditioned to choose those options. The good news is that it is possible to retrain your children's taste buds to choose nutritious meals.


When children are exposed to healthy food options from an early age, they are more likely to form positive associations with eating that will last a lifetime.


Feeding your kid a healthy diet is crucial to his or her overall health, development, and growth. Parents have a greater chance of success in instilling healthy eating habits in their children if the youngsters are present and involved in the process.


And with this thought, it is always good to start introducing them to the different food groups.



Exploring the Different Food Groups

Teaching kids about nutritious food can be simpler and less time-consuming than you imagine if you will start with the basics- the Go, Grow, and Glow foods. Let's have a refresher and have yourself familiarized with these food groups using this guide:



A. Go Foods (Carbohydrates and starchy ingredients)

Foods that are considered "Go" foods are those that stimulate the body's natural metabolic processes, allowing it to work more effectively and actively. They tend to prioritize high-carb, high-sugar, and high-fat meals.


Fast food is great for reviving tired muscles and nourishing curious brains. The inability to maintain focus and energy throughout the school day is one symptom of a lack of this food category in children's diets. This is why it's recommended to have Go food for breakfast, not just for kids but also for pregnant and breastfeeding women, before a long day of work.


Examples of Go Food: Rice, wheat bread, pasta, oatmeal, brown rice, and other grains; sweet potatoes, potato, and other starchy vegetables; foods that are naturally sweet like sugarcane, honey, and sweet corn; and good fats from coconut oil, avocado, and a wide variety of nuts.



B. Grow Foods (Proteins and dairy products)

Meals high in protein are called "grow foods" because they promote physical and mental growth. Proteins from Grow foods are easily absorbed by the body and are a vital nutrient. Cells and tissues, as well as hormones, enzymes, and antibodies, are all made from proteins, making them a vital component of every living organism.


Because of the high protein and calcium content of these foods, they promote healthy growth in children. They include a lot of calories, so they keep you feeling full for a longer period of time. Not eating enough essential nutrients from Grow Food may prevent children from experiencing physical growth spurts and cause them to get hungry more quickly.


Examples of Grow Food: Dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt; poultry, red meats, fish, and eggs; legumes such as peas, lentils, beans, and nuts.



C. Glow Foods (Fruits and green leafy vegetables)

Glow foods are high in minerals and vitamins, which boost the immune system and make it better able to ward off illness. These vitamins and minerals not only help you look and feel great, but they also speed up the recovery time for cuts and scrapes and repair any damaged cells in your body.


Children who don't get enough of the glow foods they need may be at greater risk of contracting viruses and other bugs.


Examples of Glow Food: Dark leafy greens like spinach, kale, bok choy, malunggay (moringa), kangkong (water spinach), broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and lettuce; shellfish such as oysters, mussels, scallops, and clams; avocado, banana, apple, orange, grapes, mango, papaya, pineapple, grapes, pomegranate, grapefruit, pear, melon, tomato, and kiwi; soymilk, soybeans, and munggo or mung sprouts.



Teaching Kids to Embrace Healthy Foods and A Balanced Diet

You may assist your children in learning about the Go, Grow, and Glow food categories by using flashcards. However, explaining what "Go," "Grow," and "Glow" foods are is not the most difficult component of nutrition education but making your kids eat these foods.


Here are a few suggestions for getting them to try these three food groups:



1. Let them see you enjoying vegetables.

Vegetables are the most challenging food category to encourage children to eat. Kids don't eat veggies since they aren't very tasty or filling.


One of the most effective methods of getting your children to eat their veggies is to actually eat them yourself. Children learn by example, so if they see you enjoying a serving of veggies, they may be more likely to do the same. Be sure to applaud them if you see them munching on their vegetables.



2. Apply sauces and seasonings to the meat.

Some kids just don't like Grow foods in general, not just veggies. They choose eggs or processed foods to go with their rice rather than meat and seafood.


If you want your kids to consume meat, it's better to add sauces and seasonings to it before cooking so that it tastes good. You should also think about how to make the dish more manageable to consume. Chicken nuggets, tocino, and fish fillets are popular among children not only because they are tasty but also because they are convenient for little hands and mouths.



3. Let your kids join you in grocery shopping.

It's also a great idea to include your kids in the process of buying and preparing a healthy meal plan. This can be easily applied in your daily routine if you live in a house and lot Philippines close to the public local market or supermarkets and grocery stores.


Fortunately, you can now get an affordable house and lot close to local markets with Lumina Homes!


Lumina Homes recognize the importance of ready access to these items in maintaining a healthy diet and way of life that's why our affordable house and lot for sale are conveniently located near AllDay Supermarkets and other shopping centers where you can easily get the season's finest meats and fruits.


Apart from this, we also promote urban gardening through our community garden and bigger lots for home gardening opportunities. By getting your home investment with us, you won't only have the chance to get your kids familiarized with various fruits and vegetables but also have them grow healthy plants at home or inside your gated community.



The Importance of Teaching Food Group to Your Kids

In the Philippines, the war against hunger has been going on for a very long time. The introduction of Go, Grow, and Glow into classrooms is a big start, but more has to be done. In addition, kids may be persuaded to cut down on their junk food and processed food intake if they are made aware of the benefits of Go, Grow, and Glow meals.


The lessons in Go, Grow, and Glow help kids tune in to their bodies and learn how to take care of themselves.


Kids learn quickly, and if they get a head start on learning about these foods now, they will be better prepared to make healthy decisions as adults. Go, Grow, and Glow may be the first step toward a lifetime of good nutrition and weight maintenance.


So, invest wisely in your future home and community. Start training your entire family in healthy living and experience prime convenience by getting a long-term investment with Lumina Homes!

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