Updated Driver's License Requirements, Process, and Fees

6 May 2022
Updated Drivers License Requirements Process and Fees

Before setting off on a road trip, be sure that you are comfortable behind the wheel and have the proper authorization to drive a vehicle. As long as you've got a valid driver's license, you may save big money on your travel expenditures by renting an inexpensive scooter or motorbike to go all over the Philippines. Motorcycles may only be hired and used with a valid driving license in place, of course.


In this article, we will tackle the updated process and requirements in application for non professional driver's license in the Philippines. And since no one can get a driver's license without getting a student's permit, let's discuss it first.


Process of getting a Student Driver's Permit

Before applying for a driver's license, you must first get a student permit from the LTO. This will allow you to drive certain kinds of cars when accompanied by someone who has a professional or non professional driver's license.


A student permit is not an official driver's license, therefore be aware of this fact. If you're discovered driving a car without a licensed, trained driver present, you'll be fined Php 3, 000 and your vehicle may be seized if you don't pay the penalty.


Qualifications in getting a student driver's permit

You may apply for a student permit if you satisfy the following criteria, according to the most recent version of the LTO Citizen's Charter:

  • It is required that you be a Filipino citizen and at least 16 years old.

  • For foreigners applying for a driver's license, must be at least 18 years of age, be legally present in the Philippines, and have documentation of residency here for at least six months.

  • After ten years, you may no longer drive without a new student permit from the LTO if your driver's license has been expired for that long.

  • You must be able to read and write in English, Filipino, or any other local dialect that may be appropriate.

  • Driving a car requires you to be both physically and mentally fit.

  • There must be no unresolved traffic infractions on your record.

  • A minimum of 15 hours of classroom instruction from an LTO-approved driving school is required before you may get behind the wheel. Beginning in 2020, anybody applying for a student permit must have completed a 15-hour theoretical driving course prior to that date.


Memorandum Circular No. 2019-2176 mandates the LTO to implement this new obligatory course in order to improve driver's education and ensure that licenses are only provided to applicants who have the capacity to drive, thereby reducing or perhaps eliminating road accidents in the Philippines.


For individuals who can't afford driving schools courses, the LTO will also be offering the same course for free. Using classroom instruction or remote learning, you will learn about the theoretical driving lessons, LTO's organizational structure, traffic rules and regulations, and road crash risk reduction, as well as other fundamental subjects that will help you become a better driver, such as parking techniques (such as parallel, reverse, angle, and three-point turn), fuel conservation and road courtesy, as well as disobedience.


Student permit applications may only be submitted if an applicant has successfully completed the requisite coursework, which includes passing an automated or written test. There is an option to take the test in either English, Filipino, or a regional dialect so that examinees may select the language they are most familiar with and can comprehend.


For the drivers who would like to renew their licenses, they may apply for or renew their licenses online on the new LTO website. Additionally, the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) site provides free study resources to help you brush up on the previously discussed principles. LTMS's E-Learning page may be accessed by hovering your mouse over it. There will then be a drop-down menu presenting various educational items you may access.


Requirements in applying for a student permit

Below are the requirements that you need to prepare during your student permit application:


For the basic requirements

  • Fully completed Application for a Driver's License form. The Application for a Driver's License (ADL) form is another name for this document. The official LTO website has a copy available for download.

  • PSA-authenticated birth certificate (original and photocopy). If there is no PSA branch in your region, you can request your birth certificate from the Office of the Local Civil Registry (LCR), you may show the original and submit a photocopy of your birth certificate with an attached official receipt.

  • An original and a photocopy of any government-issued ID containing the applicant's photograph and signature. The LTO accepts the following Government-issued IDs: Philippine passport, SSS or UMID Card, PhilHealth ID, TIN Card, Postal ID, Senior Citizen ID, OFW ID, Voter’s ID, PRC ID, Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID, DSWD Certification, Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF ID), GSIS e-Card, Seaman’s Book, GOCC ID, Voter’s Certification, Solo Parent ID, National Council of Disabled Affairs (NCDA) ID, OWWA ID.

  • Taxpayer’s Identification Number or TIN, if you are employed.

  • Medical examination certificate (online only/electronically transmitted by the clinic). Applicants for Student Permits should only submit medical certificates from clinics or doctors who have been accredited by the LTO. Getting a medical certificate a few days before your application date can help you avoid long lines. The medical certificate costs Php 450 and is valid for two months. The doctor will just check your eyesight, blood pressure, and general health condition during the examination, thus no urine or stool samples are required. Candidates will be given a paper copy even though the clinic is responsible for electronically submitting their certificate to the LTO on the day of their application.

  • Theoretical Driving Course (TDC) certificates (electronically transmitted). The LTO or any LTO accredited driving schools must certify that you have completed the necessary theoretical training. All student permit applicants must submit their credentials online to the LTO-IT system starting on August 3, 2020, otherwise, their applications will not be processed. As a general rule, driving schools take care of submitting the certificates to the LTO on behalf of their students and only supply the students with a personal copy for verification reasons.


For additional requirements

In the case of minors or candidates under the age of 18 years old

  • Duly notarized parent’s consent original copy or an affidavit of the guardian authorizing the applicant to secure or apply for a student permit.

  • Original and photocopy of 1 valid government-issued ID of consenting parent or guardian with photo and signature

For married women

  • Original and photocopy of PSA-authenticated marriage contract

For foreigners

  • Original and photocopy of the applicant's passport, which includes the following information: (a) Entry date of at least one (1) month; and (b) Visa duration of at least six (6) months from the date of application. Or, if born in the Philippines, submit an original and photocopy of PSA-authenticated birth certificate


Student Permit Application Fee

The total cost is determined by a number of variables, such as the cost of the medical examination (which varies from clinic to clinic), the location of the theoretical driving course (which can cost up to Php 4, 500, while the LTO's Driver's Education Center offers it for free or at a lower fee of Php 300+), and whether you obtain the required birth certificate online or through a walk-in application.


All in all, as of 2020, the cost of obtaining a student permit may range from Php 1, 000 to Php 5, 500+.


When you apply for a student permit, below is a breakdown of the payments you'll need to pay:

  • Birth certificate: Php 330 to Php 365. If you already have a copy or are bringing a Philippine passport, there is no need to purchase one.

  • Medical examination: Php 450 to Php 500

  • Theoretical Driving Course: FREE to Php 4, 500 (average of Php 1, 500)

  • Student Permit Fee: Php 317.63


Manual/Walk-in Application Process in getting a Student Permit

1. In order to get a Student Permit from an LTO Office, you must first pass a 15-hour Theoretical Driving Course (TDC).

2. Arrive at the LTO office early to avoid delays. In order to get the best service, you should go to an LTO District Office where the majority of applicants are renewing. You may often complete the renewal procedure in one day at LTO Driver's License Renewal Offices located in certain shopping malls. Student Permits may be issued in less than 30 minutes if you're fortunate enough.

3. Request an Application for a Driver's License Form and the Checklist of Requirements at the Customer Service Counter. In addition, you'll be assigned a queue number.

4. Fill out the application and gather all of the necessary documentation.

5. Send in your completed application and supporting documentation along with your queue number. Your application and supporting papers will be scrutinized by the examiner to ensure their accuracy and completeness.

6. Wait your time in the allocated place for the photo/signature taking.

7. Your application will be reviewed and approved by the authorizing official.

8. When your number is called, go to the cashier and pay the applicable costs.

9. With this receipt in hand, the releasing clerk will provide your Student Permit. Sign and date the log form when you have received your Student Permit.


Things to keep in mind:

  • A student permit is only valid for one year.

  • Don't wear shorts or slippers to any LTO office while applying for a student permit or driver's license.

  • Ideally, you should get your medical exam in an LTO-accredited facility that provides two copies of the medical certificate to avoid paying for a second medical test in the future when you may apply for a non-professional driver's license.

  • In some schools, the theoretical driving training is broken into three 5-hour sessions, whereas in others, it is broken into two 8-hour and 7-hour sessions.

  • Typically, a student driver's permit is not recognized as a form of identity since it is merely a temporary license.

  • The application procedure for a Non-Professional Driver's License may begin 31 days (or one month) from the date of student permit issue.


Process of getting a Non Professional Driver's License in the Philippines

A Non-Professional Driver's License is a form of driver's license for those who intend to drive motorcycles or vehicles with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) not exceeding 4,500 pounds. You can only drive a private car with a Non-Professional Driver's License. The Professional Driver's License is what you need if you want to make money driving public transportation.


Any LTO District Office, Licensing Center, or Extension Office that conducts Driver's License transactions accepts applications for a new Non-Professional Driver's License.


Qualifications in getting a non professional driver's license

You may apply for a non professional driver's license if you satisfy the following criteria, according to the most recent version of the LTO Citizen's Charter:

  • It is required that you be a Filipino citizen and at least 16 years old.

  • For foreigners applying for a driver's license, must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Driving a car requires you to be both physically and mentally fit. Medical conditions, however, don't imply you'll be banned from operating a motor vehicle. You may be authorized to drive a motor vehicle if the relevant condition code is applied to your driver's license by the physician who will examine you during the medical examination.

  • You must be able to read and write in English, Filipino, or any other local dialect.

  • There must be no unresolved traffic infractions on your record.

  • You must be a holder of a valid Student Permit issued at least thirty-one (31) days before the Non-Professional Driver’s License application.

  • If you have an expired foreign driver’s license or non-professional driver's license that has been expired for more than two years, you are no longer eligible to renew and must apply for a new driver's license.

  • A practical driving course from an LTO accredited driving school and TESDA-accredited driving school is required to meet this requirement. If you can't afford a driving school, the LTO will be providing the same services but at a lesser cost to help you get your license.

  • In order to be eligible for a Philippine driver's license, one must successfully complete an 8-hour practical driving test.


Applying for non professional driver's license requirements

For the basic requirements

  • Completely filled out Driver’s License Application Form.

  • Original copy of valid Student Permit issued at least thirty-one(31) days before the date of application

  • Taxpayer’s Identification Number or TIN, if you’re employed

  • Medical examination certificate (online only/electronically transmitted by the clinic). Non-Professional Driver's License candidates should only submit medical certificates from LTO-accredited clinics or doctors.

  • Certificates of Completion of a Practical Driving Course (PDC) issued by LTO or any LTO-accredited driving school (electronically transmitted).

For additional requirements

  • Original copy of the duly notarized parent’s consent or an affidavit of the guardian authorizing the applicant to secure/apply for a student permit.

  • 1 valid government-issued ID of consenting parent or guardian with photo and signature (original and photocopy)


NPDC Application Fee

The overall cost will be determined by the kind of car you choose to drive.

Php 3,500+ = manual, 4 wheels

Php 5,500+ = automatic, 4 wheels

Php 8,000 or Php 10,000+ = combination AT/MT


The exam price of Php 167.63 and the licensing fee of Php 652.83 must be paid prior to taking the written and practical examinations and receiving your non-professional driver's license.


If you bring your own car to the practical test, there is no fee. Alternatively, you may pay roughly Php 250 to use one of the LTO's own cars.


NPDC Manual/Walk-in Application Process

1. You must have previously completed an 8-hour Practical Driving Course (PDC) and earned a PDC Certificate before going to the LTO office to apply for a Non-professional Driver's License. Also, you must have an LTO Client ID, which indicates that you already have an account on the LTO Online Portal or Land Transportation Management System (LTMS).

2. The Non-Professional Driver's License Application must be sent to the LTO's receiving department with all of the requirements. Renewal and student permit applications are not processed in LTO renewal offices located in shopping centers.

3. The papers will be checked for completeness by the receiving employees before being sent to the evaluator.

4. After the evaluator has reviewed the applicant's credentials, the application will be entered into the system.

5. When your name is called, make your way to the Cashier and pay the fee.

6. Take the Non-Professional Driver's License Basic Theory Test.

7. To become a licensed driver, you must first pass the written tests.

8. The Approving Officer will grant the request if the applicant succeeds in the written and driving tests.

9. Attend the picture and signature taking and wait for your turn.

10. The Non-Professional Driver's License and the Official Receipt will be made available after the approval. The Release Form also requires that you sign and date it.


Unlike the student permit, which is only good for one year, this one has a five-year validity For those who have not had a record of a traffic offense on their driving record, their licenses may be renewed for an additional 10 years.


You have to take a number of precautions when you go behind the wheel of a vehicle. Drivers must take into account the safety of their passengers and other cars surrounding them as well as their own safety.


And this is the major reason why the LTO (Land Transportation Office) needs applicants to submit a large number of papers and complete a series of written and practical driving tests before receiving a driver's license.


Having a driver's license is useful especially if you want to work in the real estate industry. Being a sales agent or a broker requires you to travel from one place to another to meet your clients and assist them in their site tripping.


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