Practical Tips to Prepare for Water Interruption in the Philippines

17 March 2023
Practical Tips to Prepare for Water Interruption in the Philippines

Aside from a power outage, which is very common when strong typhoons hit the country, water interruption is yet another dreaded news that common Filipinos deal with. This happens especially in rural areas where access to improved sanitation through clean water use remains lacking.


But even residents from urban areas such as Metro Manila experience water interruptions as well. Hence, preparing for a scheduled water outage is key to mitigating the inconveniences brought about by scarce water resources.


An obvious solution is to conserve more water. But if you want to know more about how you can best save water and prepare for the water scarcity ahead, this blog from Lumina Homes will detail all the practical ways to prepare for this dreaded prospect.



A Quick Glance at the Water Problem in the Philippines

There is a distinct lack of safely managed drinking water worldwide, especially in developing countries like ours. According to a 2020 case study published by the Ateneo de Manila University, 9 million out of 101 million Filipinos suffer from poor water quality and unsafe, contaminated water sources.


Lack of access to clean water and lack of education on proper sanitation also lead to people making do with whatever water sources they have, even if they are not safe for human consumption. What is more, water outages lead to storing water in empty containers that, if left open, can serve as a breeding ground for pests and mosquitoes. As a result, dengue cases and other water-borne health consequences also rise.


Climate change is also a significant factor in water shortages. During El Niño, temperature levels increase and consequently dry up surface water in the country, resulting in drought.


As such, the Philippine government and governments around the world need to fulfill their obligation to improve sewage systems and provide safe drinking water for all irrespective of their socioeconomic status.


But individually, we can also help ourselves and others during times of insufficient water supply by developing water conservation practices and preparations during water interruptions.



Water Shortage Preparation

To store sufficient available water resources at home, you can prepare for the water interruption in your area with the following tips:



1. Consider buying a large water container or drum

If you don't have one yet, purchasing a large container to store water would tremendously help you during a water crisis. It can store as much water for your laundry, bathwater, toilet use, and even for watering your plants.



2. Utilize any clean and empty containers you have at home

In the absence of a large-enough container, collecting every clean and empty container you have at your house is an excellent alternative. You can use all these for all your daily activities that require water use, such as doing your laundry, taking a bath, washing the dishes, and more.



3. Plastic containers would do, but make sure it's clean and safe

If you don't have a large container and only have a few empty and clean containers to store water supply, plastic containers would suffice. But it must be taken note that water stored in these containers must not be used for consumption, only for laundry, dishes, or for flushing the toilet.



4. Stock up on water supply from water refilling stations

If there are water refilling stations in your area, take advantage of them by having a few water jugs delivered to your home for potable water consumption. This is especially convenient when the water outage, God forbid, takes more time than it should before it gets restored.



Water Conservation Solutions

Aside from being prepared during water outages, it also pays to conserve water with or without a water interruption in Philippines. Below are just some water conservation practices that you can adopt.



1. Use bathwater conservatively

Situations such as a water interruption, whether scheduled or unscheduled, will force us to conserve and only use water conservatively. This can be best practiced when taking a bath. You can save the bathwater you use by making a basin catch it. You could then use this for flushing the toilet or watering your plants.



2. Go for disposable plates and cups in the meantime

To save water on dishwashing, you can opt for disposable cups, plates, and plastic spoons and forks. You can also save time if you have other activities to do at home. You can simply throw your disposables away and not worry about who's going to do the pile of dishes and where to get water during times of inadequate water supply.



3. Use hand sanitizers and wet wipes for toilet use

After dealing with the pandemic, hand sanitizers became an integral part of our lives as one of the key solutions to combat the spread of COVID-19. Hand sanitizers along with wet wipes, paper towels, or tissue paper could be used in place of water when on the toilet.


Preparation for natural disasters, including water interruptions, is extremely essential to alleviate their negative impacts. It is also important to learn about proper sanitation and guidelines on water utility for human consumption. You can follow our tips above whenever a water outage is scheduled within your area or community.


For more practical tips like this, and more stories about virtually everything related to homeownership, follow Lumina Homes through this website and our other social media channels. We also publish sound advice regarding finances, investments, and real estate.


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