Infrastructure Projects and Their Impact on Real Estate Industry

25 February 2023
Infrastructure Projects and Their Impact on Real Estate Industry

As our economy slowly recovers, some experts say that it is now the best time to dive into real estate investment or more specifically, acquiring a house and lot in the Philippines for investment purposes. But with so many things to consider before making any decisions, it is important to be well-informed especially if it is your first time investing. When it comes to real estate, infrastructure projects are an important factor to consider because it impacts the overall cost of living in a particular location. So how does that happen? Let's look more into infrastructures and how these projects can impact the real estate market.



Defining Infrastructures

In a broad sense, infrastructure refers to all types of physical facilities required for the day-to-day functioning of society such as roads, bridges, airports, railways, and buildings. Such infrastructure often plays a vital role in the development and growth of a country’s economy as it facilitates the transport of goods and people between cities as well as links regions together to provide much-needed access to goods and services. It also provides a source of jobs for the local workforce and makes it easier for businesses to flourish.


Here in the Philippines, the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) makes national and subnational policies, plans, and programs. In addition to reviewing, monitoring, and evaluating infrastructure projects, the agency also conducts short-term policy reviews to give decision-makers critical analysis of development issues. It is an independent cabinet level-level agency chaired by the president of the Philippines and one who is working hand-in-hand with other government agencies to improve not only our infrastructures but our economy as a whole.



Types of Infrastructures That Affect Residential Property Prices

The impact of infrastructure on real estate values should not be overlooked. In general, having good public infrastructure, such as highways, airports, train stations, public utilities, and telecommunications, can have a positive effect on real estate prices in that area. Here are a few infrastructure improvements that are in high demand and that you should be aware of as real estate investors.



1. Transportation

Having access to public transport systems, such as trains, buses, and subways, means people will be able to get around easily, which will increase their chances of finding a suitable property to live in the area.



2. Telecommunications

Real estate is influenced a lot by telecommunications. Having good internet and mobile network coverage makes a locality more appealing to potential buyers since it lets them stay connected and work online. When it comes to evaluating real estate values, this is getting more and more important in today's digital world.



3. Highways

Good roads and highways make it easier for people to travel around a city or region. They reduce travel time and lead to a spike in demand for real estate near highways.



4. Schools

Having good and nearby educational facilities entice people to relocate and raise their children within the area, hence the increased demand for real estate especially condominiums and dorm buildings, as well as an affordable house and lot for a starting family.



5. Healthcare Facilities

Just like schools, having good hospitals nearby also ups the value of the real estate in that location. With people giving more attention to their health as a result of the pandemic, the convenience, comfort, and peace of mind of having a nearby clinic or hospital is a priority before making their investments.



6. Airports

Airports can also help boost real estate values as well as our country's tourism. When an airport is built in a city, it opens it up to more international travelers and investors, which can raise local property values.



7. Public Utility

Having reliable public utilities like electricity, gas, water, sewage, etc., makes buyers feel more secure about investing in the area since they know that their basic needs will be met.



List of the Best Infrastructure in the Philippines

To help you better understand infrastructures, here are ten of the most iconic ones in our country that are built in the past decades and at present.


1. Cebu Cordova Link Expressway

2. Cultural Center of the Philippines

3. Lung Center of the Philippines

4. Manila Hotel

5. National Kidney and Transplant Institute

6. National Museum of Fine Arts

7. Ninoy Aquino International Airport

8. North Luzon Expressway Harbor Link Project S-10

9. San Juanico Bridge

10. Skyway Stage 3



Below are the recently completed flagship infrastructure projects under the Duterte Administration - Build, Build, Build Program.


1. LRT 2 East Extension

2. BGC - Ortigas Center Link Road Project

3. Binondo - Intramuros Bridge

4. Estrella - Pantaleon Bridge

5. Marawi Transcentral Road Phase 1

6. LTO Command Center

7. Bicol International Airport

8. General Santos Airport Development Project



Infrastructures play an important role in our country's economic growth. And by investing in the right real estate properties, you can also reap the positive impact that these projects can bring. Whether you're in Metro Manila or in remote areas, Lumina Homes can help you become a full-fledged real estate investor. With our affordable house and lot for sale in strategic locations with ongoing and future plans for large-scale projects for infrastructure, you can rest assured that your properties are gaining value in the property market. What's more, our wide range of properties offers a lot of potential for investors who are just starting out in the industry.


Our projects are strategically placed near social infrastructure development and are packed with high-end amenities which help raise our value in the real estate market. We also offer easy financing terms so you can invest within your budget. Lumina Homes already has over 50 developments in key locations across the country. We can help you grow your investment portfolio as well as generate steady income if you wish to have tenants and rent out your property. So what are you waiting for? Don't fail on the opportunity to invest in our latest projects! Inquire about a project near you through our official website and online channels, or chat with our Lumina Homes accredited seller.

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