Know On How to Enroll to Pag-IBIG MP2 Online and Track Your Savings

23 March 2022
Know On How to Enroll to Pag IBIG MP2 Online and Track Your Savings

It is true that this novel COVID-19 virus brought unexpected trials and obstacles in our normal routine and lifestyle. But, in light of this pandemic, it becomes a sense to everyone and made them realize the importance of saving money and exploring all avenues for growing your hard-earned cash while it's still safe.


Modified Pag IBIG II for Pag IBIG Fund Members

One of the benefits of MP2 or the Modified Pag IBIG II is that it allows current and former Pag-IBIG members to save more money in addition to their usual Pag-IBIG contributions if they so choose.


For the most part, proceeds from the Pag-IBIG MP2 investment are invested in the HMDF's housing and short-term lending programs. Paying interest is one way that money grows. The remainder is held in a variety of financial instruments, including corporate bonds, certificates of deposit, and government securities.


So, whether you're a first-time investor or a seasoned investor looking to diversify your holdings with Pag-IBIG regular savings through MP2 investments, below is the application process on how to apply for pag ibig mp2 online.


Pag IBIG MP2 Application Process

If you fall into one of the following categories, you are eligible for the MP2 savings program:

  • Active members of the Pag-IBIG Fund, regardless of monthly income

  • Former Pag-IBIG members who now make a living from other sources

  • Retirees or pensioners who have made at least 24 monthly Pag-IBIG I payments before retirement are eligible.


Pag-IBIG MP2 may be applied for by inactive members who have ceased paying Pag-IBIG contributions until they meet the minimum 24 monthly contribution requirement.


You haven't signed up for the Pag-IBIG Fund yet? Prior to being eligible to create an MP2 savings account, you must first become a Pag-IBIG member and make monthly payments for a minimum of 24 months.


There are two ways to join the Pag IBIG MP2 Saving Program-- either online or in person. To know more about the process, you can refer don't the step by step procedures below.


Pag IBIG MP2 online enrollment

The following are the procedures for submitting an online application for the MP2 savings program:

1.      Check out the pag ibig website Enrollment for the Modified Pag-IBIG II online enrolment, where you may sign up.

2.      Make sure to enter your Pag ibig MID number, last name, first name, and birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY) as these are the required fields for Pag-IBIG membership.

3.      Enter the CAPTCHA code.

4.      Click Submit.

5.      For your Pag-IBIG MP2 savings, type in the amount you'd want to contribute each month in the Desired Monthly Contribution field.

6.      The following drop-down choices allow you to choose your preferred  option:

  • Preferred Dividend Payout. MP2 dividends may be paid out every year or at the conclusion of the five-year period, according to your preference.
  • Mode of Payment. Pag-MP2 IBIG's payments may be paid either via salary deduction, at any Pag-IBIG branch, or through any Pag-IBIG Fund-accredited collection partners.
  • Source of Funds. Your primary source of income in which will be the source of your MP2 payments.

7.      Click the Submit button.

8.      Your 12-digit MP2 account number will be shown on your completed Modified Pag-IBIG II Enrollment Form. You have the option of printing or saving this form as a PDF file.


Application in the nearest pag ibig branch

You may open a Pag-IBIG MP2 savings account at the local Pag-IBIG branch if you have additional transactions to complete. Ensure that you are aware of the Pag-IBIG office's operation hours, since they may change at any moment in accordance with government regulations due to the pandemic.


For your MP2 application in a pag ibig fund branch, you just have to submit the following requirements:

  • Valid ID

  • Accomplished Modified Pag-IBIG II Enrollment Form

  • ATM card or passbook as your MP2 savings and profits will be deposited into the bank account that you will provide.


Following completion of MP2 registration, you will have access to the investment program and the ability to begin saving funds right now! Pag-IBIG MP2 savers have the option of making a one-time payment or regular monthly contributions.


Modes of Payment for Pag ibig MP2

You may make your MP2 contribution in one of these three ways:

  • Salary deduction by your employer

  • Personally at any Pag-IBIG branch

  • Or through any accredited collection partner


A salary deduction is the most convenient method of payment for employees since MP2 savings are automatically withdrawn from their paychecks and deposited into their MP2 accounts.


Meanwhile, it is most convenient for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and unemployed Pag-IBIG members to use third-party payment channels, notably internet facilities, to pay for their contributions.


Below are the payment channels you can use in order to pay your contributions:


Over the counter payment centers:

  • Bayad Center

  • ECPay

  • M. Lhuillier

  • SM Business Centers, including Savemore and SM Hypermarket bills payment counters

  • 7-Eleven (Must first secure a Payment Instruction Page from the ECPay website)


Online Payment Channels:

  • App: wallet

  • Gcash App: Gcash wallet

  • Moneygment App: Moneygment wallet, bank deposit, PayPal, ECPay, Dragonpay, 7-Eleven

  • Pag-IBIG Online Payment Facility: PayMaya, Visa, Mastercard, and JCB credit cards

In any payment facility that you use, remember to always choose the "Modified Pag-IBIG 2" option as the payment type and enter your MP2 account number.


Checking Your Pag-IBIG MP2 Savings Online

Virtual Pag-IBIG allows you to keep track of your donations to the Pag-IBIG MP2 program. However, you must first open a virtual Pag-IBIG account in order to do so.


Upon activation of your Virtual Pag-IBIG account, you will be able to see your Pag-IBIG MP2 savings. Here are the steps on how you can check your Pag ibig MP2 savings online:

  1. Log in and enter your Pag-IBIG Virtual Account.

  2. In the Products section, click on "MP2 Savings" in the left menu.

  3. You can now check the status of your Pag-IBIG MP2 contributions with the result shown on your screen.


Pag IBIG's financial success throughout the years has led to an increase in MP2 rates. The government agency cites operational savings and good home loan payment collections as the reasons for its healthy financial position.


Because the Pag IBIG Fund invests 70% of its investible money in its housing loan program, MP2 investors profit from the interest payments of housing loan borrowers. MP2 dividends originate from at least 70% of the Pag-IBIG Fund's yearly net revenue, which has been increasing steadily over the last six years. For the first time in its history, the Fund generated a net profit of Php 34.37 billion in 2019.


MP2 accountholders may expect to receive more dividends if the company has a successful year in the financial sector.


Speaking of life savings, joining the MP2 savings program from pag ibig fund can give you more opportunities to save money and therefore, allows you to set aside some budget for your dream home.


Home investment is one of the smartest ways of putting your money to good use. This just does not give you worry-free lifestyle but also permits you to earn some passive income by having your space rented like in Air BnB.


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