Davao Bloggers' take on Davao

26 July 2022
Davao Bloggers take on Davao

What comes first to your mind when you hear or see the word Davao? Some may say it is the home of durian, a fruit known for its unique smell and taste. How about the land where the new Vice President hails from?


No matter what you first thought of when you heard it, did you know that there is more to Davao than just fruits or a surname? That’s what some Davao bloggers aim for–to introduce and promote Davao City and the Philippines–for its beauty, culture, and people. 


If you’re looking forward to discovering more of Davao, let’s hear it from those who are born, raised, and live in the fourth largest city in the Philippines, population-wise.


Davao Bloggers Society: A Premier Blogging Community


If you're asking, why should you check these various Davao-centric blogs? Simple. People started blogging before the age of social media, and it is a portal of the world to see a slice of the life in Davao and offer a way to charm them to search, join, and experience Davao.


It is through these blogs that you will get a glimpse of the fashion, lifestyle, food, and places should you wish to travel and visit the heart of Davao.




Scene Stealer


Jojie Alcantara is a multi-hyphenate creative who posts about the beauty of her home country, the Philippines. Because of her photography skills, you'll get a glimpse of the beauty of Davao and other places in the country, with the numerous coffee table book, government-backed travel campaigns, and internationally recognized outputs she has featured in her blog.


Her message is clear: she wants to project our nation not just as a travel wanderlust all for the world to see, she captures life by images through her unique tools--her eyes and her lens.


Check out her blog about various locations to see not only in Davao but in different places she's been to. As a photojournalist, Kodakerdabawenya wants you to see a story within the stills.




Jeepney Jinggoy


Jinggoy started blogging to capture Davao's beauty and unique style to the world via a vehicle unique to the Filipinos, a jeepney. A quick glimpse of his posts features his experience as he takes a jeepney ride & walkthrough Davao's past.


In this blog, he shares his account as he enjoyed a Davao Food trip and walking tour, taking on a unique path to feature homegrown restaurants as well as the local flavors of Davao via a local cuisine immersion and appreciation.




Davao Foodtographer


If you're the type of person who wants to make memories by way of food, then you're in for a treat.


Visit the blog of Davao Foodtographer, created to showcase the different companies and restaurants you can check out so you can give their food a try.


Choose from the salad, kabab, plant-based, and merienda selections featured in the blog.


You can also search the feature stories, reviews, sponsored posts, and even recipes for you to get ideas on how you can enjoy your food journey in Davao.




Ella Hibaler


Have you ever wished you can see yourself curating your outfits on the web? A few years back, this was a trend for most fashion and clothes influencers--to create and document posts as lookbook blogs.


Hence this 25-year-old blogger flaunts her style to the world.


As an ambassador and influencer like Ella, she maximizes her reach as she has an account on several social media she can join such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Youtube.


Athina Inting-Angliongto


A proud official member of the Davao Bloggers' Society, Mrs. A flaunts her life as a Fashion and Beauty Influencer in her blog.


In it, you can see how she has been consistently recognized with the many awards she featured on her wall.


She tells of her Davao adventures, new clothing stores opening in Davao, concerts happening in Davao, and flaunting her style in random parking lots.


However, she is also in solidarity with the people of Davao when she even offered a post honoring Davao citizens who were victims of the Roxas Night Market casualty.


Overall, if you're looking for inspiration on how you can still flaunt your style while being a wife and a fur mom, search her account on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.


Her Instagram account is her online diary. Go check her out on Instagram:




Life with Ria


If you're looking for all things Davao City--lifestyle, food, fashion, and travel, then Ria and her blogs should be your ultimate online destination! Her blog features a host of a various topics central to Davao City.


As Davao Bloggers' Society's Founding President, she set the bar on how her fellow Davaoenos can express themselves out into the world, thanks to blogging, and now even through social media and vlogs.


Currently, as the editor-in-chief of My Davao City, she continuously curates life in Davao, as they see it. To see the other sides of Ria, check her other blogs:


Diyosa Life

Life with Ria

Kusina Maria




A member of the Davao Bloggers Society (DBS), Shannena uses her blog as her creative outlet for her photography, drawing, and scriptwriting skills.


A blogger with an inspiring heart, she aims to share her ideas on lifestyle, clothes, and society as she continuously works with a number of influencers, companies, and marketers.


She also shares her life tips, photography, and even short stories as she believes that individuals have the capability to achieve their dreams.


In 2019, she was awarded as the Best Lifestyle Blog by the Davao Bloggers' Society, and even expanded her reach via Youtube videos and Facebook in 2020. She is also on Instagram: @shannenadlaon   



Bonus: Davao Bloggers' Tips to Blogging


Know and decide your niche. What will your message be, will it be about lifestyle, travel to new places, food, or your life at home? - Ria Jose


Update your blog frequently so you can hold your readers’ interest. - Ria Jose


Ensure your blog posts are well-written and nicely given. - Ria Jose


Do not hesitate to ask around. Just like any well-written piece, you can search for answers when you conduct interviews, ask questions, and even read. - Jojie Alcantara


Search for the right inspiration so you can translate it into your work. - DavaoFoodtographer


Look for the right angle of the subject of the photo. - DavaoFoodtographer


Never shy away from self-help accounts or sources. - Shannena Adlaon




Aside from the lifestyle, and the places, it is really the people that hold a place together. Hence, if you're interested to settle down in this hidden gem from the south, consider Lumina Homes. With Lumina, you get to experience all the best things Davao has to offer.

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