Budget-friendly Small Kitchen Design Ideas

24 August 2022
Budget friendly Small Kitchen Design Ideas

The very idea of a makeover or remodeling is enough to send us into a fit of dread because we imagine the enormous price tag that would follow. You can alter the appearance of your house without spending tens of thousands all at once.


Making little changes without hiring an interior designer, adding in some new investment items, or even just giving your house a good cleaning could add some dramatic effect to your studio apartment kitchen, or home without spending much money.


The ideal kitchen for most of us would have soaring ceilings, a wall of windows, and an abundance of natural light. However, in reality, the vast majority of us have small oddly shaped kitchens. That said, it need not be as horrible as it seems. Small space solutions and chic interior design ideas can make any room seem much larger.


Fortunately, we have compiled a huge list of small kitchen ideas to help you make the most of your space, no matter how much money you have or how long your renovation will take to complete.


Mini kitchen island for small space


Just because your kitchen is on the small side doesn't mean you have to skimp on storage or counter space. The key is to consider just the most minute details. A couple of pendant lights dangle from the ceiling, and several antique stools placed under the counter give the vignette the impression of a spacious suburban kitchen.


Paint kitchen chalkboard on your wall space


Chalkboard paint is great for use in the kitchen. Put some blackboard paint on your cabinets and you may use them as chalkboards instead of taking up wall space. Put the weekly menu up and make use of your newfound writing area to make grocery lists. You may complete the effect by covering a few low shelves in the kitchen.


Install task lighting


In a cramped kitchen, you'll want every available source of task lighting. Put up sconces above the kitchen sink and counter to get this effect. They will shine some fashionable light on the workspace while also improving lighting conditions.


Add storage space with rods on the ceiling


You may increase storage without taking up floor space by installing rods in the ceiling. Shelving made of copper tubing or a rod made of brass is quite stylish and may be used to stack dishes or hold mugs for that extra cupboard space that you need on your kitchen counters.


Incorporate glass doors


The tall glass doors within your kitchen can provide the impression of a much larger room, and the use of black lacquer paint is a statement in favor of creating intimate, comfortable spaces rather than trying to make everything appear bright and airy. Also, installing some open shelving displays antiquities from the occupant's travels can give your kitchen space a timeless feel despite its contemporary design.


Utilize consoles as kitchen island or dining area


We're well aware of the difficulties posed by one-wall kitchens, which are often rather small while occupying an entire wall of your home space. A sleek and uncluttered kitchen can be attained by employing a console as both a kitchen island and a dining table since it does not disrupt the natural flow of the space. It can also have double duty function as a breakfast nook and as a kitchen island.


Stainless steel for modern yet minimalist style


Stainless steel worktops and lower cabinets provide abundant storage down below rather than at eye level, aside from being a great choice for those who like an ultra-minimalist aesthetic. It gives you enough room on small spaces like your kitchen.


Modern chandelier for black-themed kitchen space


You may use a contemporary chandelier that breaks up the monotony of all-black kitchen cabinets. Add a compact circular kitchen table for a more secure look; its smooth edges make it ideal for cramped quarters without the accident of bumping yourself into it. Then for a change, you pair it with some bottle green chairs for a fun twist.


Subway tiling for your small kitchen's wall


In order to make the room seem more spacious, lay the tiles horizontally to cover the whole surface, from the backsplash to the range hood. And for a timeless and classic look, make sure to use a monochromatic palette.


Apply colorful runners for your galley kitchen's interior design


The long, narrow shape of a galley kitchen is nearly tailor-made for cheerful, multicolored runners. A cool, surprising contrast may be achieved by combining materials like a white marble backsplash and matte black tiles.


Opt for slimline chairs


Sometimes it's difficult to find places to get whole small kitchen table sets. The entire family has to be able to sit down together, yet high-backed chairs tend to take up a lot of areas. When you need more space for people to wander around the table, stools are a great option since they can be tucked away under the surface. Consider tables that open on all four sides, since they may be tucked neatly against a wall and yet provide plenty of room for your legs beneath the remaining three sides.


Incorporate pegboard walls


You can insert a pop of color and practical extra storage space by painting a pegboard. Once you've got it hooked up, you can fill it with all sorts of culinary tools like measuring cups, wooden spoons, cast iron skillets, and the like.


Have a rolling kitchen or bar cart


Since it can be rolled out of the way when not in use, a stainless steel kitchen island on wheels is ideal for small a kitchen and tiny spaces. You can easily get your kitchen items, too since you can conveniently pull the kitchen cart to the area you're working with.


These budget-friendly small kitchen ideas are perfect for any of our Lumina Homes model units, whether it is a rowhouse, townhouse, duplex, or even single firewall units!


Plus, you can also enjoy the freedom of renovating and redesigning your kitchen interior to your heart's content since this is a space you can call your own-- unlike when you're renting an apartment or a condo unit.


So live up to your dream kitchen and maximize the space that you have at home with Lumina Homes - one of the affordable house and lot for sale in the Philippines!


Read on to discover the many home-scale models we offer and go to the "Home" section of this website and "Select Property Type" option. You can also check out our other articles about home improvement and home design for small spaces in the "Blogs" section.

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