Bucket List: What to See and Do in Sariaya, Quezon, Philippines

2 September 2022
Bucket List What to See and Do in Sariaya Quezon Philippines

Since it is the only Mount Banahaw town in both Quezon and Laguna Provinces to have a sea coast, the Municipality of Sariaya has become a popular tourist destination to its neighboring towns and nearby cities thanks to its beautiful as well as pristine beach resorts and nature-trekking activities that lead adventurous hikers to the summit of the fabled scenic mountain.


In addition to this, Sariaya is also known as the Heritage Town of Quezon and the Art Deco Capital of Southern Luzon because it is home to more than a hundred historical sites and ancestral homes, the vast majority of which were constructed in the Art Deco style.


This is a list of things to do and see in the town of Sariaya, Quezon, which is regarded as a cultural jewel deserving of a UNESCO classification, to help you plan your next trip there.



1. Check out the municipal hall and the Sariaya Town Plaza


Simply seeing the Sariaya Town Plaza and Municipal Hall is a great idea to get a feel for the city's deep cultural roots and history. You'll be surrounded by Sariaya's famed pleasures and delights as you stroll around this area, from restaurants to cafés to souvenir shops.


Jose Rizal, our country's national hero, is honored at Sariaya by having his statue placed in the town plaza. His statue looks down on the town square from the direction of the town hall. The other ancient homes, which may be found as one walks around the plaza, are the silent witnesses to the province's most important events.


Where to visit: Municipal Building, Poblacion 6, Sariaya, Quezon 4322 (Around 8 minutes travel time from Lumina Sariaya)


2. Visit and pray for guidance at Sariaya Church or Saint Francis of Assisi Parish Church


When in Sariaya, Quezon, it's recommended that you begin your sightseeing with a trip to the heart of the town. The Sariaya Church, also known as the Saint Francis of Assisi Parish Church, is in the geographic heart of the community. Most of the major tourist hotspots and tourist attractions in Sariaya Quezon Province are within a reasonable distance from here.


The principal elements of the present church, the ancient baptistery, and the bell tower (which is four stories high) are all housed in the belfry. St. Francis of Assisi's Church, also known as Santo Cristo de Burgos, is a copy of the original church built in the Middle Ages. Pilgrims from all around the country go here in hopes of seeing a miracle. When it survived all the earthquakes, fires, and wars that had previously devastated the church, it was widely regarded as a miracle.


Where to visit: General Luna Street, Maharlika Highway, 4322 Sariaya, Quezon (Around 9 minutes travel time from Lumina Sariaya)


3. Discover Governor Natalio Enriquez Ancestral House


Acknowledged as a Heritage House by the National Historical Institute in 2008, the Governor Natalio Enriquez Ancestral House is the city of Sariaya's crown jewel in terms of cultural significance. These ancestral houses masterpiece, designed by European Architect Andres Luna de San Pedro and completed in 1931, hosted lavish parties for the elite families of Sariaya before World War II.


Where to visit: Don Natalio Enriquez Mansion, Sariaya, 4322 Quezon Province (Around 8 minutes travel time from Lumina Sariaya)


4. Join the celebration of the Agawan Festival


In honor of San Isidro Labrador, patron saint of farmers and livestock, this massive agricultural celebration is held annually. Travelers and sightseers come to Sariaya from all over the nation to take part in this celebration. Everyone is welcome to participate in the merriment of the traditional "Agawan," when hanging food and other items are practically snatch from people's homes as they go by.


When to visit: 15th of May every year.


5. Experience paradise at Paraiso Beach Resort


Reservations at Paraiso Beach Resort should be your first consideration if you're looking for the best beaches in Sariaya. Everything you want and need is right here at this five-star resort, from a variety of games rooms and pools to a variety of pavilions and dining options, and it's definitely a taste of paradise!


Where to visit: Guis-guis, Sariaya 4322 Quezon (Around 20 minutes travel time from Lumina Sariaya)


6. Be amazed by the Gala-Rodriguez Heritage House rich history


For one of Quezon's most distinguished couples, Dr. Isidro Rodriguez and Doña Gregoria Gala commissioned the famous architect Dr. Juan Napkil to build this amazing piece of architecture. The home was designated as a Heritage House because of the important role it played as a location for lavish parties held by affluent Filipino families before World War II.


Where to visit: Rizal St, Sariaya, 4322 Quezon (Around 9 minutes travel time from Lumina Sariaya)


7. Enjoy Christmas Season with the Belen Festival


Every year, the people of Sariaya gather to celebrate their deep religious beliefs and diverse cultural heritage during the Belen Festival. This celebration takes the form of a contest in which various groups and institutions present their most imaginative depictions of the Nativity (Jesus' birth) as part of the festivities.


When to visit: 15th of December every year.


8. Get refreshed at the Dalampasigan Beach and Pool Resort


The stunning beaches of Sariaya may be seen from the Dalampasigan Beach and Pool Resort, a three-star establishment. Originally opening in 1990, the resort's expansive 10 hectares are filled with amenities that take their design cues from the surrounding natural beauty of the environment.


Where to visit: Quezon Eco Tourism Rd, Sariaya, 4322 Quezon (Around 21 minutes travel time from Lumina Sariaya)


9. Trace back history at Juanito Alvarez House


As the previous home of the Sariaya Museum, this structure has a rich and eventful past, which is why it was chosen to house the city's first museum. The Sariaya Museum makes good use of the building, which has origins claimed to predate even the Sariaya Church. Many relics and artifacts from the rich history of Sariaya may be found in the museum's historic building, which has been meticulously conserved.


Where to visit: Rizal corner Valderas Streets, Sariaya, 4322 Quezon (Around 9 minutes travel time from Lumina Sariaya)


10. Schedule a site tripping at Lumina Sariaya


Complete your Sariaya tour by dropping by at our house and lot in the Philippines Lumina Sariaya and book a site tripping to personally see our community in this town.


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You can also explore the different amenities that we have in Lumina Sariaya such as a multipurpose hall, mini gardens and playground, as well as our guarded entrance making our residents and future homeowners feel safe and secure in their brand new homes.


Where to visit: Brgy. Sampaloc Santo Cristo, Sariaya, Quezon



Invest near the sea coast with Lumina Sariaya


Sariaya is truly rich in history and culture, and the town's festivities are always a spectacle. Don't miss this chance and get your home reservations now at Lumina Sariaya!

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