8 Self-defense Tools to Keep at Home

3 February 2022
8 Self defense Tools to Keep at Home

In the last year, we've all had to learn to be more self-reliant. So we had to learn how to take care of ourselves, whether it was via regular home workouts or finding the most effective self-care methods. Self-defense is the most important choice among several when it comes to your own well-being.


There are many levels of security in place to secure your property, each with a different alternative. They operate in layers, beginning on the outside and working their way steadily within.


Meanwhile, self-defense weapons should be discrete, simple to carry, non-lethal, inexpensive, and most importantly, powerful. Having a self-defense weapon is a must for every individual, as well as one of the most useful tools. We created a list of self-defense weapons that you should always carry with you.


Best self defense weapons for your home

Security and relaxation are taken care of by these devices, regardless of whether or not you have a bunker in your house:


Pepper spray

Even if an intruder carries a firearm, this basic yet clever and powerful instrument has a range of around 3 meters. It is one of the best personal safety devices because of its legally protected non-lethal weapon that gives you the confidence to use force in self-defense. Furthermore, it is a cheap way of self defense at home that can give you a total of twenty-five blasts.


Even while pepper spray is an excellent tool for self-defense in the house, it has several drawbacks when used in public. Even if the wind is just a sliver, the mist may reach your eyes and skin while you're out in the open. That is why pepper sprays are best used indoors than outdoors.


Stun gun with rechargeable battery

Stun guns like the Vipertek VTS – 979 fire an electric shock into the attacker's body. The weapon is equipped with a wrist wrap and a safety disable pin to prevent it from accidentally shooting back at the shooter.


Even if the assailant pulls the pistol on you with force, the action disables the safety pin and renders the stun gun ineffective. Additionally, the tool includes a rechargeable battery and a non-slip rubber covering. It's no secret that the stun gun is one of the most effective and best self defense weapon there is.


Baseball bat

Another great self defense system is baseball bat. Yep, it is more than a sports tool that you can enjoy playing on your leisure time but can also saves you from a life-threatening experience.


The Brooklyn Smasher by Cold Steel is comprised of nearly indestructible polypropylene. When you have this baseball bat in your hands, you'll be better able to protect yourself and frighten any prospective attackers. Investing in this long-lasting bat now will save you money in the long run since it will not fracture, rot, splinter, or fade. In addition, it may be utilized for regular striking, regardless of whether you're in the ring or not.


Key ring

The idea of hiding your keys between your thumb and index finger in case things go tricky is nothing new. This defensive key tool from Columbia River Knife & Tool is designed to make the procedure easier by removing the trouble of having to position the keys. At the bottom, a little bellow makes it simple to grab between your fingers with its strong grip. The tool is small enough to put on a key ring and is highly discrete. Also, it comes with a Philips head screwdriver, which raises its usefulness value.


Hidden knife

The hidden knife is a self-defense weapon that is very tiny. Among the many concealed blades on the market are a neck knife, pen, lipstick, and boot knife, among others. It is possible to employ one of these little blades as a disguise against the assailant. They're also lightweight and simple to use, which is a major plus for your self defense system.


Tactical pen

Although small, tactical pens are among the greatest weapons for self-defense at home. Although they seem to be a simple pen, they are in fact quite hard and have the ability to hurt someone. Despite the fact that many people use them as glass-breaking devices, some of them include a concealed knife as well. Stabbing and poking intruders can also be done by using it light-emitting diodes (LED).


Industrial-grade steel and a stainless steel pocket clip make this pen not only more durable but easier to use. This is a product that may be used both inside and out. However, because of its size, you'll have to go close to the attacker and make quick maneuvers that might be dangerous. But still, having this handy is a great personal safety device.


Tactical flashlight

It is one of the greatest home security weapons because it produces a narrow, linear beam of light that briefly incapacitates an intruder. You have the opportunity to flee at this moment making it an effective self defense weapon. They resemble striking instruments and are made of durable materials that will endure for a very long time. Additionally, they include a catch crown at the top that gathers the DNA sample of the attacker. Because they're simple to use and always on, you can rely on them day or night. Consider the lumen value of the flashlight when making a purchase since flashlights with a lumen output of 800 to 1000 will not blind the attacker.



No matter how strong the wind is blowing, a Taser will keep you safe from harm. This is a self defense tool that weakens the attacker's limbs make them unable to continue the assault, which makes them an excellent choice for home defense. Thereby, increasing your sense of safety. If you want to employ an electric Taser you must get up close and personal with your victim in order to do it.


It's risky to go too near if the intruder is a skilled fighter or has dangerous weapons. All you can do is show off your athletic moves, leap on the invader, and take him completely by surprise with your actions in this environment. There are also some affordable tasers that you can buy in the market these days.


Knowing how to defend yourself in an unanticipated time and getting some self defense classes is a good way to keep you from harm especially when going out or even when you are left alone at home.


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