7 Smart Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Home

26 February 2023
7 Smart Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Home

Mirrors are a common decoration in almost everyone's home. Homeowners always include mirrors in their homes, whether for practical or aesthetic reasons. A mirror is one of the most versatile pieces of home decor you can use to completely transform any room or utilize wall space other than just seeing the mirror's reflection. If you're stuck for ideas on how to add character to a specific room, a mirror can make a big difference.


Truly, a mirror can serve as both a functional and decorative item. But there is an art to using mirrors in interior design, and the more you know about how beneficial they are, the better mirror placement for maximum effect, reflecting light, and space upgrades you can do. It's important that you know how to utilize space to come up with a smart home setup. Lumina Homes, a credible housing developer in the Philippines, offers a wide range of affordable house and lot properties built with high-quality materials and spacious designs. Hence, if you're in search of the ideal home investment, check out what Lumina Homes can offer.



Incorporating Mirrors Inside Your Home

Mirror designs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including frameless mirrors, round mirrors, full-length mirrors, antique mirrors, and overmantel mirrors, to name a few. Make a small space appear larger than it is by having a custom mirror made, or brighten up the area by bouncing more natural light, widen a dining room, add a statement to a walk-in closet, upgrade a gallery wall, or simply improve the overall vibe of your living space.


Indeed, simply placing a mirror opposite or just beside a window can have a significant impact on a room. Mirrors are extremely useful in every home for a variety of reasons. Therefore, if you're looking for an advantage of decorating home with mirrors, read on.



7 Ways on How Mirrors Can Be Use Inside Your Home


1. Mirrors produce an illusion of space.

Incorporate mirrors into your décor if you live in a small apartment or have a few small bathrooms. Room mirrors create an illusion of bigger spaces. Using a large mirror to instantly elevate the appearance of your room is a clever trick. Mirrors can also be used to help widen a narrow hallway. Also, to make the hallway appear less crowded, place a few identical mirrors side by side along the wall.



2. Mirrors can improve your overall appearance.

Mirrors' most well-known and widely used function is to check one's reflection and image. You may have a mirror placed in your bedroom and one installed in your bathroom for obvious reasons, you should consider putting one in other areas of your home as well.


Placing them in the correct locations can help you look good throughout the day. Having mirrors nearby is a quick and easy way to accomplish this. It's not always necessary to check how you look at the door but a full-length mirror would be very useful for a quick check-up on the complete outfit.



3. Mirrors can hide imperfections.

Placing grand mirrors isn't always the case for some but you can still use it to fill in the gaps around your house. A mirror, like any other decoration, can be used to temporarily conceal any mishaps in the room. Also, it serves a purpose other than decoration by acting as a reflective surface on which you can check yourself! Aside from concealing holes and cracks, you also get the added bonus of a natural light reflector.



4. Mirrors can create a defining point for your room.

Besides using a mirror to improve the overall appearance of your room, it is entirely possible for the mirror to become the focal point of attention. Mirrors are made for a variety of purposes, the majority of which are decorative. A mirror, depending on its size and accessories, can serve as a focal point in any room. You may notice large mirrors in dining rooms or sleek yet tall mirrors in bedrooms.


Mirrors can always be used to make a statement, regardless of where you put them. Mirrors can undoubtedly be the focal point of a room with careful planning and placement.



5. Mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light.

Because a mirror is electrically conductive, it can reflect light. Due to the presence of metal inside mirrors, light bounces and is reflected in the opposite way. This property of mirrors is especially useful in dimly lit rooms, where it can serve as an excellent substitute for adding another light source. Use mirrors to brighten up a dark room to take up far less space and effort than opting for additional artificial light sources.



6. Mirrors are windows of energy.

If you're more into Chinese interior settings, use mirrors to elevate your space. Mirrors are thought to be one of, if not the, most powerful sources of energy in feng shui. And since Feng shui plays an integral part for traditional homeowners when it comes to decorating their homes, you'll be surprised at how mirrors can help you achieve positive effects of using mirrors.


Mirrors' reflective surfaces are also perceived as water, giving the image of positive energy. Mirrors placed in lifeless areas can help soften the image of your room and bring it to life. These mirrors are an excellent way to balance the overall design of your home.



7. Mirrors add security to your space.

Lastly, there are types of mirrors available, some of which are primarily used for security purposes. This is usually common in business establishments, particularly convenience stores, and boutiques. And yes, you can also use mirrors to add security to your living space. It may not be like the spherical ones you see in stores but a large mirror can definitely be a good addition to your home security.



Indeed, upgrading your residential space takes a lot of effort. You need to carefully curate the design of your furniture, mix and match the right colors for your space, and utilize materials like mirrors to make use of the available space you have. But if you're still renting out your living space, maybe it's time that you get your own real estate property before transforming your home for good. If you're looking for an affordable house and lot for sale, Lumina Homes definitely got you covered.


In over 50 key locations nationwide, you'll have plenty of options to choose from to settle down and upgrade your residential space. Therefore, if you're prepared to secure a house and lot in the Philippines, contact one of our accredited agents to get started!

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