7 Decor Ideas to Try: Simple Home Makeover for New Year

31 December 2022
7 Decor Ideas to Try Simple Home Makeover for New Year

Do you need a fresh look this New Year with a home makeover?


The secret to livening up your home is your creativity and imagination. Although you need to spend some money, you don’t have to break your budget to overhaul your home. With a little twist of DIY concepts and a few tweaks, you can come up with the best home makeover ideas to design every corner of your home.


So, if you are one of the homeowners of house and lot in the Philippines that needs a makeover, consider these few tips to kickstart your New Year with decoration ideas.



Home Makeover Ideas to Freshen up this New Year

Decorating your home is one way to make you feel energized and motivated to be better this upcoming new year. It’s one of the common New Year celebrations and the only time to get rid of those things that give negative energy to your family. In fact, other individuals seek an interior designer to overhaul their home spaces while others consult a Feng Shui expert.


But the bottom line is that you must be satisfied and comfortable with your home's appearance. Here are some home decor ideas you can try before New Year's Eve.


Get started with a deep cleaning.

Before changing anything in your home, start with a deep cleaning first. Pretty sure there are some parts of your home haven’t been cleaned throughout the year. So, clean up your windows, doors, furniture, appliances, and ceilings.


You can ask your family to help you clean up your entire house as a form of family bonding. But make sure you have complete cleaning equipment and safety precautions to avoid compromising your health. Note that these can be a bit dusty and full of allergens that are harmful to your body.


De-clutter your home.

Get rid of those things that are not useful. Along with your cleaning session, identify which things must be thrown away or can be re-used as home decorations. By de-cluttering, you may achieve more home spaces you can utilize.


One good thing about de-cluttering is you can also earn money by holding a garage sale in your home. Save them up to fund your makeover. If you prefer doing good deeds, donate that extra stuff to people who need them.



Pick a color theme for your interiors.

Now that your home space is clean and clear, it is time to bring up your creativity and imagination. Choose a color theme for your interiors. This will give you an idea of incorporating your other home decorations.


In 2023, the latest New Year decoration ideas will be soothing greens, a luxurious palette of rich jewel tones, warm earth colors, and timeless blues. You can add wallpapers or paint your home, whichever fits your budget and time.


For a living room, you can add colorful accents while bold colors in the dining and kitchen. You can also try layering different colors instead of monochromatic ones. Don’t be afraid to experiment with mix-matching different colors and patterns.



Make little tweaks to home arrangements.

From its current arrangement, re-organize your furniture and home decor. It is the simplest way to get your home a makeover without breaking your budget. Find a focal point or a perfect place to move your things. Ensure, however; it does not limit your mobility at home.


Say, instead of a parallel furniture arrangement, consider a geometrical-shaped placement. You can also make use of rack displays to add a new lease on life.



Change all your linens.

Follow the latest color trends, such as combining different colors. Then, accentuate your curtains with ricrac or tassel ribbons. Opt for vibrant colors but soothing to the eye. Avoid linens with too many designs and dark colors. But most of all, ensure all your linens are clean and fresh.



Add indoor plants or flowers.

Adding indoor plants or flowers also provides a relaxing and refreshing effect to your home. If you have small plants outside, you can place them in decorative pots or planters. Or, you can reuse empty bottles or containers and personalize them with your own design pots. You can also purchase synthetic plants or flowers if you have spare money. Place them on your study or working table, bookshelf, or near the window.



Accessorize with home decor.

Accessorizing your home does not limit reusing and buying new decor. You can create new decor with your creative skills. To save more money, you can watch do-it-yourself videos to recycle some of the things you already have in your home. It can be a fun piece, such as old pictures, posters, wallpapers, and cardboard. These can make you create your own wall art masterpiece that identifies your traits and personality.




Transforming your home can be exciting, but it also signals us to spend some money. That is why it is also critical to consider several factors before planning a home makeover. These are:


  • Plan your budget well and stick with it.

Work out what was set aside for the makeover; otherwise, it can have a disastrous effect on your finances. But if you plan to sell it for a specific investment, renovating your home can add value to your real estate property.


  • Find some motivational mood board ideas.

Social media platforms, TV Shows, and online videos today greatly help. From rearranging furniture to extreme home designs, they can help you visualize the type of home makeover you really need.


  • Hire a trusted home makeover professional.

If you’re too busy or don’t have the skills for a home makeover, you can always get help from a professional. Of course, professional fees can cost you a lot so make sure you get what you want.



Get a Total Fresh Start in a New Home this New Year

Your home is the most comfortable place you can stay with. Adding a personal touch and minor changes can inspire you to achieve personal resolutions for upcoming years. What's more, getting a home makeover can also drive you to other potential benefits, especially if you're planning to sell it and move into a brand-new house.


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