5 Kid-friendly Places in Rizal near Lumina Homes

22 June 2022
5 Kid friendly Places in Rizal near Lumina Homes

With the restrictions already lifted in the Province of Rizal and children can now again enjoy the great outdoor spaces, we know that you are searching for some places wherein you can bring your kids to enjoy some fun outdoor activities.


Thankfully, Lumina Homes communities in Rizal are located just a few minutes away from these kid-friendly places that your children will surely enjoy. Here are some of them:


1. Hiraya Childhood Play Farm

Hiraya Childhood Play Farm, a family-run farm in Jala-Jala, Rizal, is nestled in a quiet area of the Province of Rizal. There are several fruit trees, a fish pond, camping areas, and a playground on the 1.2-hectare property. To guarantee that you and your children are safe while making lifelong experiences, the farm only welcomes one family each day.


Some of the activities that you can enjoy here with your whole family are feeding the friendly farm animals or playing traditional Filipino games like patintero and palosebo in the open field with your kids. Before you go, you can also have and enjoy a peaceful lunch together with your entire family around the campfire.


And since the play farm can only accommodate one family per day, a pre-booking is required before you can visit here. Make sure that you and your children dress in light clothing, such as cotton, and pack some drinks, a towel, and spare shirts when you go here.


Important reminder: You'll need to bring your own food and beverages, since the farm doesn't sell food or meals.


Where to find it: Pililla - Jala-Jala - Pakil Rd, Jala-jala, Rizal


Estimated travel time from Lumina Homes communities in Rizal

  • Lumina Binangonan: Around 2 hrs and 7 mins
  • Lumina Baras: Around 1 hr and 17 mins
  • Lumina Pililla: Around 36 mins


2. ATV Adventures Rizal

You may take your family and kids on an exhilarating outdoor trip just outside of Metro Manila with this outdoor adventure experience. Antipolo City is home to ATV Adventures Rizal, a popular tourist destination in Rizal. If an adult is driving the ATV, children 7 to 11 years old are welcome to ride along. In the meanwhile, parents must sign a permission form before allowing their children aged 12 to 15 years old to operate an ATV on their own.


Before each trip, the staff gives detailed explanations and tutorials for those who will try this activity for the first time. A tour guide will accompany you on your adventure, which will take you from harsh terrain to lush woods and scenic waterways. If you're looking for a full day of fun for you and your family, you'll want to book one of the longer trips, which may last for up to eight hours.


Adding picture and video packages that capture your journey with your kids from every perspective means you'll have more than just memories to bring back. Visitors may also enjoy horseback riding, archery, or paintball on this outdoor site in addition to ATV trips.


Where to find it: Sapinit Rd Purok 1, Antipolo, City

Estimated travel time from Lumina Homes projects in Rizal

  • Lumina Binangonan: Around 1 hr and 19 mins
  • Lumina Baras: Around 57 mins
  • Lumina Pililla: Around 1 hr and 17 mins


3. Moolk Farm and Creamery

This farm will allow you and your kids to see the cows grazing in front of sierra madre mountain range and vegetation, making you feel as if you are already in New Zealand. During the day, you can have a picnic outdoors and let your children feed the free-roaming cows that wander the area while enjoying some fresh air. In addition to this, they may also try feeding a baby cow. Moolk Farm even has a camping site if you would like to stay here for the night.


In addition to tents, they have a little home with all the bells and whistles you could ever want in the area. They also have a pasalubong shop that offers local foods and delicacies that your kids will surely love.


Where to find it: Sampaloc Rd, Tanay, Rizal


Estimated travel time from Lumina Homes in Rizal

  • Lumina Binangonan: Around 1 hr and 10 mins
  • Lumina Baras: Around 20 mins
  • Lumina Pililla: Around 31 mins


4. The Dinosaur Park

This park is located along the Manila East Road Double Highway, Angono-Binangonan border, and boasts two gigantic dinosaurs. The Angkla Art Gallery and Music Wizard Cafe have collaborated on this landscape art project.


As a little outdoor area sandwiched in between the gallery and café, this is worth checking out if you live in the vicinity. The restaurant is open to the public and with the restrictions already lifted, you can bring your kids here to enjoy some quick snacks. You can even take some great snapshots of them walking around or standing beside the dinosaurs, perfect for a social media post.


Where to find it: Double Highway, Manila E Rd, Binangonan, Boundary


Travel time from Lumina Homes communities in Rizal

  • Lumina Binangonan: Around 20 mins
  • Lumina Baras: Around 51 mins
  • Lumina Pililla: Around 1 hr and 15 mins


5. Pililla Windmill Farm

Have you seen the wind turbines at Bangui, Ilocos Norte, and want to see them in person with your kids? There is no need to go more than 500 kilometers north and experience the hassle of bringing your kids to observe these enormous turbines. You may finally visit the Pililla Windmills with your kids which is only a couple of minutes away from your Lumina Homes community in the remote location of Pililla Rizal.


In order to make your trip here with your kids more amazing, it's cool if you know some trivia about these giants while being captivated by the beauty of the Laguna de Bay and its open-air park.


In 2008, the Department of Energy awarded Alternergy permission to build a wind farm in Pililla, Rizal's mountainous terrain for the purpose of producing electricity. In order to meet the energy needs of the adjacent towns and municipalities of Rizal and Laguna, this facility was built.


The windmill project was completed in 2015, three years after construction started. Pililla Wind Farm's growth offers not just power, but also a boost in tourism for the area. The wind turbines created a sensation on social media, and tourists continue to flock to the area to see them in person.


Where to find it: Manila E Rd, Pililla, Rizal


Estimated travel time from Lumina Homes

  • Lumina Binangonan: Around 1 hr and 23 mins
  • Lumina Baras: Around 32 mins
  • Lumina Pililla: Around 31 mins


Other outdoor spaces near Rizal

  • Avilon Zoo and its exotic wildlife
  • Pinto Art Museum (they also have some on site restaurant)
  • Walled City or Intramuros
  • Casa Santa Museum
  • Sapinit Road's Pine trees
  • Toontown Park in Laguna
  • Rizal Park
  • De Jesus Oval with its area's manicured lawn safely dedicated for kids


About Lumina Homes communities in Rizal

Apart from the benefit of living near Metro Manila, Lumina Homes Rizal also have various kid-friendly destinations that your whole family will surely enjoy. Currently, Lumina Homes has three (3) communities in Rizal, namely:

  • Lumina Binangonan in Brgy. Bilibiran, Binangonan, Rizal
  • Lumina Baras in Latigo Drive Brgy. Concepcion Baras, Rizal
  • Lumina Pililla in Brgy. Quisao, Pililla, Rizal


Hurry and be part of one of our fast-selling communities in the country and take advantage of your proximity to adjacent provinces as well as the metro cities!

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