Five Instagram-worthy Destinations in Rizal

25 November 2020
Written by: Ness Albito

Want to add colors and perfect snaps on your feed but can't travel far? With just an hour away from the Metro, breathe fresh air, and capture the most beautiful sunset with the place tagged as "Tagaytay of the East."


Now, let me share with you some "instagrammable" travel destinations that turned out to be the neighborhood of a subdivision that offers affordable house and lot, Lumina Binangonan. All of these eye-catching spots are located in Brgy. Bilibiran, Binangonan, Rizal. View map.


Lumina Binangonan Subdivision Marker

Welcome to Lumina Binangonan


1. Secret Garden of the Birds. 

Start the day by viewing sunrise and connect with nature as you listen to the soothing chirp of birds as you capture the overlooking view. Luckily, there is no entrance fee!

Perlies Garden near Lumina Binangonan

Perlies Garden near Lumina Homes in Binangonan


You may also indulge with "sulit-sarap" Filipino cuisine in Perlie's Garden Restaurant beside it. Strike a pose at the Higantes displayed in front of the restaurant!


2. Angono Petroglyphs in Binangonan.

Ironic as it sounds but Angono Petroglyphs is located at Eastridge Ave., Brgy. Bilibiran, Binangonan, Rizal.

Angono Binangonan Petroglyphs near Lumina Binangonan

Angono Binangonan Petroglyphs near Lumina Homes Binangonan


A quick journey to the past with the oldest known work of art in the Philippines, 127 human and animal figures which seemed to be human figures, frogs, and lizards, along with other designs. 

Petroglyphs Cave near Lumina Binangonan

Petroglyphs Cave near Lumina Homes Binangonan


3. Thunderbird Resort and Casino.

Test your luck, but it is off the chart. Taking pictures is not allowed inside the casino, but you will surely be full of their great food at a fair price.


Thunderbird Resort and Casino near Lumina Binangonan

Thunderbird Resort and Casino near Lumina Binangonan


Pamper yourself in their infinity pool and outdoor jacuzzi while having the classic-vibe of the hotels' Spanish colonial touch architecture. 


Resort near Lumina Binangonan

Resort near Lumina Binangonan


4. Art Sector Gallery and Chimney 360°.

Do you want to have an all-in-one experience like combining artwork, good food, with the breeze of nature?

Art Gallery near Lumina Binangonan

Art Gallery near Lumina Homes in Binangonan


Well, this is the right spot for IGers to appreciate. The name of the place surely added 360° for a reason, the evening view is a whole lot of twist too by having a 360° view of city lights, Laguna de Bay, and mountains.

ArtSector Gallery and Chimney Cafe 360 near Lumina Binangonan

ArtSector Gallery and Chimney Cafe 360 near Lumina Binangonan


5. Garden of Tulips.

Shake all the stress off and light up the night by visiting the 10,000 led- Garden of Tulips. This is a year-old place which was viewed by dwellers as "The Hidden Jewel of Rizal." And will surely be on top of the list for photoshoots and romantic proposals. They are open daily from 7 am to 10 pm.


Be in Lumina Binangonan

Imagine waking up every day with a majestic view of the Metro skyline while being mesmerized by the spectacular sight of Laguna Lake and beautiful mountains. Sounds relaxing, right? Have your affordable house and lot with us and be the newest Kabarangay in Lumina Binangonan!

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