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Lumina: Your New #BahayGoals

Still remember those “promdi goes to Manila” themed movies?

Back in the day, being a Manila girl or boy was something big. Jobs, education, recreation and the like, and most importantly the status symbol of making it to the Metro, were what made people leave the comforts of their home. However, this thinking has not left us, even today when commercial and industrial developments have already come to provinces where lands used to be majorly agricultural. People today, when looking for a home, would still ask, “Meron po ba kayong subdivision sa Metro Manila?

This 2018, Lumina answers this question with their latest campaign, “Bahay Goals Achieved!”



Lumina, the leading mass housing brand in the Philippines, also offers the conveniences of Metro Manila. Strategically located in key cities and municipalities, Lumina takes every Juan to where jobs, and comfort and convenience are, without the need to go to Metro Manila. Its formula:

 2018-Lumina Official-Bahay Goals-Series


Hanapbuhay Achieved!

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Lumina communities are close to business districts and industrial hubs, and located in areas that offer varied livelihood options for every Juan. Pretty much like Metro Manila, minus the traffic!

Edukasyon Achieved! images

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You don’t need to go scholarship hunting because Lumina boasts proximity to both public and private schools, and colleges and universities known for their academic excellence.


Everyday Needs Achieved!


Last minute shopping or quick runs to the market wouldn’t be such a hassle when you’re just a few minutes away from the city or municipality’s commercial center. Lumina communities are close to your favorite meeting places, tiangge, talipapa, supermarkets, malls, and health care facilities, which provide a variety of services to every Juan.


Savings Achieved!


Picture this: Php 1,898 monthly amortization for a Lumina House and Lot vs. about Php 13,000 monthly rental for a one-bedroom apartment (© You could save up to Php 11,000 monthly — and the best part is you are paying less for something that you actually own!

This affordable home package in Lumina is available under Pag-IBIG financing at 3% annual interest, payable for 30 years.

Lumina Homes Community

Now, Metro Manila is not your only option because Lumina welcomes every Juan to its 37 communities – with more to open this year – in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao where you can avail affordable house and lots close to business districts, commercial establishments, health care facilities, places of worship, schools and universities, terminal hubs, tourist spots, and recreational areas, and closer to your origins!


To know more about LUMINA, contact us at (02) 3-226 -3552
or like/follow “Lumina Official” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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