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Heart of Batangas Province “LIPA”

Batangas has a rich history, a culture that is unique, best coffees, beautiful beaches, and different festivals that is what people always say when we talk about Batangas. But there is a unique city, urban lifestyle at its best but lies in the simple way of living in the province, Lipa City.

It has always been mistaken as the province’s capital because of its uniqueness among all the other cities and municipalities. Over the years, the city adopted the Metro Manila style of living – from the chaotic radial roads to fast food chains that run out of seats, to the crazy nightlife in local bars up until grabbing a cup of coffee late at night. However, no matter how urbanized the city has become, it never leaves the traditional cultural side.

In spite of having brands like Starbucks, Figaro, Hap Chan, Uncle Cheffy, Shakey’s, and Giligan’s, people are still patrons of the local food. Those examples are the numerous local coffee shops, Lomi and Goto houses, and panciterias all over town. Despite the delicious taste and the sosyal feeling of having Starbucks, we still look for our very own kapeng Barako which hypes us up. Lomi is still a favorite among us even with Italian pasta all over the place. Lipeños loved their owned signature foods.

So if you’re planning to visit Batangas and its beautiful beaches don’t forget to drop by in Lipa city.

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