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Bataan: Where Home and Nature Collides

Home is everyone’s safe haven. A home, where we find comfort and security. A place, that serves as our comfort whenever we have life dramas, anger, or fear.

Aside from our home, nature itself also gives us comfort. It is a gift to humankind that can make us calm, and gives us a break from the noise and pollution that we experience whenever we are in the urban zone.

According to study, the stress from an unpleasant environment can cause us to feel anxious, or somehow affect our health. Being in nature or even getting a glimpse of nature creates a big impact in every human’s mind.

Recently, many Facebook users were amazed when a certain netizen shared a photo of Mt. Samat Cross in Bataan which is clearly visible in Manila as the air quality improves during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). A cross and view of nature, in the middle of COVID-19 epidemic is truly an array of hope, that somehow, this pandemic will end in God’s perfect time.

Home in the city plus a view of nature is the right combination that everyone wants. Imagine the perks of living in the city. Groceries, schools, supermarkets, terminals, hospitals or even churches and religious establishments are accessible. A dream come true, right? This is Lumina Bataan, a community you can live in with affordable and quality home.  You can view of Mt. Samat cross inside the subdivision. Complete with amenities like basketball court, playground, garden, function hall with a 24-hour security plus an everyday view of nature is a refreshing combination that a community can offer.

You can drop by here anytime, with an accessible way from a public road to Lumina Bataan. Travel and enjoy the historic place of Bataan and don’t forget to add Site Tripping at Lumina Bataan which is free for every Juan, Kabarangay!

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