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The 2,280 Challenge: When you preferred the unnecessary over a Lumina House and Lot

“A peso a day will earn you thousands someday.”

Remember being told this as a child? Now, as an adult with a job, it has become easy for you to earn thousands but saving has inevitably become hard. As a minimum wage earner with an income of P12,000, with bills on hand, food, children whose education you need to provide for, and not to mention the monthly rent, you’re left with almost nothing. Thus, a home of your own seems far off.

Of course, you can’t cut on the bills and you can’t compromise your children’s education just so you can save money for that house and lot. However, you must admit that you are also spending on the unnecessary. You may say they’re little things but they can amount to a large chunk of your money when put together.

Lumina, the premier mass housing developer that caters to the socialized housing segment, offers House and Lot units at only P2,280 monthly amortization under Pag-IBIG financing at 4.5% interest rate. But do you still find it hard to squeeze that in your budget? Maybe, you’re doing something wrong.

Here are some instances when you let your chance to have your own house and lot slip away:

Lumina House and Lot vs. Coffee

(c) Marielle Tan

Those times (I mean everyday) you entered that coffee shop. Your P150 coffee today multiplied to the number of days you’re there (20 or 30 days) = Goodbye Lumina House and Lot!

Lumina House and Lot vs. Sale Items

(c) Marielle Tan

When you thought you needed new clothes. But what you actually needed was your own home where your shirt and trousers are enough.

Lumina House and Lot vs. Cellphone

(c) Marielle Tan

When you thought your phone wasn’t smart enough and assumed that P3,000 per month for that trendiest phone was easy on the pocket. However, in reality, it was you who wasn’t smart enough. That P3,000 per month could’ve afforded you a house and lot in any Lumina community in Luzon, Visayas, and, Mindanao. Now, you’re not just nagged by your landlady for the monthly rent but you’re also haunted by credit card bills. Moreover, that phone won’t be yours forever. Remember, “Ang Pilipinas ay isang malaking Quiapo, Recto, Divisoria at… ah basta mananakawan ka!” Or possibly, after a few months or a year, it may already be malfunctioning. If only you’ve read about low-cost housing and Lumina’s P2,280 offer under Pag-iBIG financing.

It’s not too late to realign your budget though. Of course you can still spend on the things mentioned above, but moderately. Don’t get caught up with the little things and spend that extra P2,280 on unnecessary.

Keep in mind, P2,280 a month welcomes you to your own Lumina house and lot.


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